Are Chiefs Going Cheap With Draft Picks?

Training camp is less than a month away and the Kansas City Chiefs only have one of their seven draft picks signed and ready to go for the first practice in St. Joseph.  What is taking the team so long coming to terms with the rest of their selections?  Bob Gretz looks at the reasons why Kendrick Lewis is the only draft pick currently under contract, including wondering if the Chiefs are trying to go cheap.

Not likely.  GM Scott Pioli, Director of Football Administration Trip McCracken and whoever else may be negotiating contracts for the team are going to try and get the best deal possible for the Chiefs.  Because of the slotting system however, there’s really not a lot of give and take that should be going on.

Generally what happens is the agent for the draft picks starts out trying to scramble the slotting system and the team simply waits for him to come back to reality.  Once he does, getting a rookie contract done isn’t a tough thing to do.

The slotting system will take care of every player not named Berry.  There’s a reason no player in the first two rounds have signed.  As Gretz says, agents come back to earth with second day picks but they will stick to their guns the higher they get in the draft.  Eric Berry is saying all the right things about wanting to be in camp on time, but he’s not th eone doing the negotiating with Scott Pioli.

As I noted Tuesday the only thing that matters is getting everyone in camp.  But that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t make this down time before training camp easier to take knowing that all seven players will be on the field later this month to take Todd Haley’s conditioning test.

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