Kurt Warner Weighs In On Todd Haley

The first team to emerge as a landing spot for former Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley was the one he almost won a Super Bowl with, the Arizona Cardinals. Now it appears the two have agreed a second run together isn’t best for either party.

Haley’s quarterback in that Super Bowl, Kurt Warner, talked to Arizona Sports 620 about why things didn’t work out this time around.

“I felt it would be tough for Todd to come back in a capacity that was less than an offensive coordinator with what’s he’s done and being a head coach and what he did here as a coordinator and just the way he likes to coach and what he brings to the table,” Warner said.

Considering the issues Haley had giving up any sort of control over the offense while in Kansas City, Warner points out the way things are currently constructed in Arizona, it just wouldn’t be an ideal situation for decision making.

“It would be difficult to be in that hierarchy where you really feel like you know what you should do in this situation or what you should call or what plays you should design and to know that there are still two people above you that can kind of veto you — is a difficult thing to do.”

A similar situation unfolded with the New York Jets, where Haley was in discussions to work under new offensive coordinator Tony Sparano. He and the Jets mutually decided last week a match couldn’t be made.

There are still three head coaching jobs open, so there’s a chance Haley could land a coordinator gig, but time is running out. If he’s unwilling to be a quarterbacks coach, the former Chiefs head coach could sit out next season and hope a better situation becomes available in 2013.

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