Around The Web: Anti-Haley Manifesto, No Improvement Necessary, Pollard Over DJ

The season grades have started to roll in for the Kansas City Chiefs and is headlined by The Star’s Jason Whitlock.  As you can see by the person that gets the second best score (Charles was first), there  seems to be a familiar person on Whitlock’s mind.

92 Chan Gailey, offensive coordinator: Smartest man at Arrowhead Stadium.  Collected a fat paycheck for sitting on his can while Todd Haley made a fool of himself trying to serve as head coach, offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach.  Gailey’s image is untarnished after being fired by Haley before the start of the season.

I understand Whitlock’s job is just to say crazy things, I do.  But at what point does it get old railing on Todd Haley?  He was never this hard on Herm Edwards early on, even though Herm was at least equally inconsistent.  Instead of practicing the patience he preaches, Whitlock writes a 3,342-word manifesto about how terrible Haley is at his job.

Chiefs guard Brian Waters spoke to the media yesterday for the first time this season and suggested that the team does not need to improve the offensive line before next season.

“The last two years, I don’t think that some of my offensive linemates have been judged properly.  I feel a lot of eyes that have been judging some of my teammates are unqualified eyes.  There are a lot of people basing their opinions off what they know, and a lot of people don’t know football.

“In our position, everything is all about what other guys do.  Everything is about how many times the quarterback got hit or it’s all about how many rushing yards we had.  We’re pretty much (tied) to the numbers.”

No one can say the Chiefs line didn’t improve as the season went along, but that doesn’t mean they should ignore the offensive line during the offseason.  Especially with where the Chiefs are slotted — likely out of the Suh and Berry zone — if they have a tackle on top of their board they shouldn’t pass on him because of a handful of good weeks to finish the season.

If they can bring in a legitimate left tackle, that would allow Branden Albert to move to guard and the line is immediately better than it was at it’s better points in 2009.

USA Today gave away their final weekly awards of the regular season and while picking Chris Johnson over Jamaal Charles was obvious, the selection of a former Chief on the other side of the ball was a bit more curious.

Bernard Pollard. The Texans safety had big-play impact in the victory that provided the franchise with its first-ever winning record.  Pollard recovered a Fred Taylor fumble in the end zone for a touchdown in the second quarter, then snuffed out a fourth-quarter threat by intercepting a Tom Brady pass.

A solid game, no doubt.  And one of more importance to the season which was likely the deciding factor, but how do you not give the nod to Derrick Johnson?  Instead of giving him the top honor after Johnson, they pushed DJ down to the bottom of their list as “Comeback Player of the Week”.  Obviously I could be biased, but I couldn’t possibly give Pollard the award over Johnson.

Speaking of Pollard, how crazy is it that he was the player Wes Welker was trying to cut away from when he tore up his knee?  What are the odds that the same player that ended Tom Brady’s season last season would be at Welker’s feet for his final play.  If the Patriots never see Pollard again it will be too soon.

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