Around The Web: Blind Date, Take A Deep Breath, Gansz Passes Away, Leroy Hill To KC?

Bill Althaus at The Examiner thinks the NFL draft is a lot like a blind date and that the Chiefs left him unfulfilled.blinddate4

After watching the Chiefs new brain trust wheel and deal since they arrived in Kansas City, I was expecting a draft weekend that knocked my socks off.

None of us will know how to rank the first effort of general manager Scott Pioli and head coach Todd Haley for three or four years.  But I wanted that marquee, can’t miss player with the No. 3 overall selection and I just don’t know if Tyson Jackson fits the bill.

No matter how you feel about taking Jackson at No. 3 I think we can all agree it wasn’t the sexy pick that fans like to cheer for.  But that doesn’t automatically mean it was the wrong pick.  I made it no secret my desire for the Chiefs to take Aaron Curry to be the anchor of the defense for the next ten years.  But I’m not running the team, Scott Pioli is and he thinks Jackson will best help this team transition to a new scheme.  That also doesn’t mean any of us has to like it, but can we at least give the kid a chance before we determine the pick a failure?  Draft grades in general are silly and fans are impatient by nature so it’s a perfect storm for ripping on Pioli, but I am willing to actually see how things shake out this season before pulling out the big guns.

On the other side of the argument is Jeremy Hanson at Arrowhead Addict, who thinks Chiefs fans need to settle down and take a deep breath.

Can you imagine if Richard Seymour, Ty Warren or Vince Wilfork were sitting there at No. 3 this weekend, wouldn’t we all be jumping for joy?  The media and commentators salivate over and praise these successful players for the last couple of years.  The above players were big contributors to the Patriots Super Bowl titles, but their importance is not derived from sacks.  Don’t believe me?

Seymour has never had more than 8 sacks in a year and averages 4.875 sacks a season.  Warren has never had more than 7.5 sacks in a season and has averaged 3.25 over six years.  Wilfork has never had more than 2 sacks a year and over five seasons has averaged a whopping 1.5.  All of them had six sacks combined in 2005 and still won the Super Bow.  Are you getting my point?

Yes, yes I am.  When you are used to seeing Jared Allen hanging these huge sack numbers it’s hard to look at anything other than that.  But where did those huge sack numbers ultimately get the Chiefs defense?  Hopefully this new scheme will create an environment where the Chiefs have a team of guys that are putting pressure on the quarterback.  Will we see one player emerge over the next few seasons as the Chiefs’ “sack machine”?  We might, but what I hope fans start to realize is that isn’t something a team needs to win.

Former Chiefs coach Frank Gansz passed away yesterday at a hospital in Dallas after complications from knee-replacement surgery.  He was 70.gansz1

Gansz coached the Chiefs in 1987 and 1988.  He had two turns as a Chiefs assistant coach, serving as tight ends coach and special teams coordinator in 1981 and 1982 and returning as ST coach in 1986.

Ganxz was known as one of football’s great special teams coaches.  The Chiefs made the playoffs in 1986 largely on the strength of their play in the kicking game.

His time in Kansas City was only part of Gansz’s long and storied coaching career.  He coached 24 seasons in the NFL and another 14 in college.  He was the special teams coach for Dick Vermeil when the Rams won Super Bowl XXXIV.

Chiefs chairman Clark Hunt released a statement shortly after learning of Gansz’s passing.

“On behalf of my family and the entire Kansas City Chiefs organization, we are deeply saddened by the loss of Frank Gansz.  In his over 30 years in football, Frank was a tremendous coach, a beloved teacher and an outstanding person. He will be missed.”

Gansz didn’t have the most impressive record as a head coach, but he is the standard for special teams coaches and will be missed.

leroyhill3Could the Chiefs passing on Aaron Curry still deliver them a new linebacker?  Over at Bleeding Green Nation they think it’s possible.

After the Seahawks drafted Curry they pulled back their franchise tag of LB Leroy Hill, immediately making him an unrestricted free agent.  Hill had 84 tackles last season even though he missed the final four games of the season due to injury.

I’ve found a new linebacker to concentrate my attention on.  If Scott Pioli can bring Hill in, even if it costs a contract upwards of $25 million, he will have gotten almost equal talent to Curry without spending nearly as much money.  At 26, he still has the ability to improve and would immediately be a core piece to the new defensive scheme.

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