Around The Web: Carr Bonus, Brady Rule

More good stuff from Adam Teicher, this time on the Red Zone Blog,  at the league meetings.  He talks about how Brandon Carr signed his contract as a fifth round pick for $295,000 but ended up making over $700,00.Brandon Carr

I love how the league takes care of players like Carr who clearly outperformed their contract.  But at the same time I wish the entire league was performance based.  This way, people like Carr would get a bonus and the Larry Johnson’s of the world would need to be out on the field to collect their various roster bonuses.

Over at Fanhouse, you can read about the new “Brady Rule” that of course was put in motion because of the now famous Bernard Pollard lunge into Tom Brady’s knee.   The clarification of the contact rules with quarterbacks now prohibits “a defender on the ground who hasn’t been blocked or fouled directly into the quarterback from lunging or diving at the quarterback’s lower legs.”

I’m all for protecting the players, especially quarterbacks.  But this idea that you can’t even breathe on a signal caller without being flagged is getting to be ridiculous.  Not to mention that Pollard was blocked into Brady’s direction then lunged to try for the sack.  Sometimes injuries happen and unfortunately for the league it even happens to the biggest of stars.  No matter how many times they tinker with penalties this is never going to change.

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