A reporter asked Johnson on Saturday if he’d participate in an interview.  Johnson politely declined, same as he did a month ago.  He never has seemed to enjoy speaking with the media, which is fine, but his response to past requests usually went one of two ways: Either LJ would release a profanity-laced, and often nonsensical tirade toward the reporter, or he’d just never show up in the locker room.  Now, Johnson strolls in, does his thing and walks back out. He chats with teammates and goes about his business peacefully.

Maybe Larry Johnson has finally grown up. It would be a good thing for LJ and the Chiefs if he keeps up the good work. More than anybody would like to admit, Johnson and the Chiefs need each other. But the Chiefs need him only if this new LJ is the one they get for the long haul.

I never thought Larry Johnson would make it to any of the OTAs as a member of the Kansas City Chiefs.  I thought he would be one of the first cuts by Scott Pioli and Todd Haley as they tried to trim the franchise of the dead weight that contributed to the culture of losing over the past three years.  I thought after he skipped out on a practice to go drink in Las Vegas I assumed the other shoe had finally dropped and we’d finally see Johnson get the boot.  But so far i have been proven wrong.  And for the sake of the team I hope he continues to prove me wrong.  If Johnson is going to be successful in Kansas City again he can’t just behave himself until he makes the team, gets his contract guaranteed and then go back to the old LJ.  That’s the worst case scenario for everyone involved and unfortunately I can’t stop myself for thinking that’s where this story will end.

Following the Chiefs final OTA session on June 18th, Matt Cassel will head to Florida and take to the field for a charity 7-0n-7 competition.

The fourth annual Heath Evans Foundation 7-on-7 Championship is an invitation-only, 16 team tournament scheduled for Saturday, June 20 at 9am at The King’s Academy in Royal Palm Beach, Florida.

Amonth the players expected to attend include Matt Cassel, Randy Moss, Vince Wilfork, Wes Welker and Jabar Gaffney.

A new twist this year is a “Beat the Pros Challenge” giving fans and high school players a chance to test their skills against the NFL players attending.  Raffle tickets will be sold at the even and two fans will be chosen for each skill competition.  Two high school players will also participate in each even, which includes a 40-yard dash, catching punts from a JUGGS machine and passing accuracy.

Proceeds from this tournament will benefit the 501(c)(3) not-for-profit Heath Evans Foundation, which is dedicated to fostering hope and healing in the lives of children and families affected by sexual abuse.

I hope the passing accuracy competition between Cassel and the high school kids makes it’s way to YouTube.  There are countless charity events featuring NFL players, but this is the only one I can remember seeing where anyone off the street will get to compete against the pros.  Think of it as a laid back version of “Pros vs. Joes”.