Around The Web: Cassel’s Adjustment, Engram’s Five Year Plan, Dorsey’s Injury, Franklin’s New Team

The Chiefs held their first full team practice under new coach Todd Haley and Matt Cassel is using these early sessions to adjust to his new teammates.cassel4

The Chiefs have few, if any, more important tasks during the remaining portion of the offseason than to get Cassel comfortable in his new surroundings.  Cassel, Thigpen and Ingle Martin all took a share of the snaps behind center. Brodie Croyle, after last fall’s knee surgery, was limited to light passing in individual drills. Haley said the Chiefs were hopeful Croyle would be ready to practice at the start of training camp.

Cassel is the only one of the group new to the Chiefs.

“It’s new surroundings for everybody, for myself and all the new guys in the locker room, rookies and veterans.  That’s always tough. You make your adjustments and you meet new people and it’s a new playbook. You just dive right in, and you try get a handle on it.”

Second to the Brian Waters soap opera, Matt Cassel’s transition to Todd Haley’s offense will dominate the chatter right through training camp.  If you think otherwise, just look at the fact that almost everyone reporting on the first practice seemed to make a big deal out of Dwayne Bowe dropping Cassel’s first pass and the second being thrown wide.  Listen, folks: Can we wait until training camp starts before anyone worries about Matt Cassel?

New Chiefs wide receiver Bobby Engram talked to KJR’s Dave Mahler from the Kansas City OTA. Engram, a 13-year veteran, explained why he signed with the Chiefs and had some surprising words for those that feel he’s near retirement.

Engram said he chose Kansas City during free agency because of his relationship with head coach Todd Haley, and also that he liked the organization’s approach in putting a team together.  He also said right now he’s working out a lot in the slot with the opportunity to compete for a starting position. Engram also said as one of the veterans on a young team that he taking on more of a mentor role in Kansas City.

Now 36 years old, Engram said he believes he could play for more than a couple more years if he stays healthy.

“I don’t want to put a number on it.  People think I’m crazy when I say I could play for another five years.  They’re like, ‘Get out of here.’ But the way I feel I could.”

Back when the Chiefs first signed Engram, I talked about why he was a better choice than Torry Holt.  Not only is Engram happy to come in and compete for a starting spot but also to mentor to the younger players.  If anyone can teach Dwayne Bowe how to be a professional receiver, it’s Engram.

When looking at the starting defense during practice yesterday, Glenn Dorsey was noticeably absent on the defensive line.  The Kansas City Star reported the second year player is battling a shin injury, but Dorsey doesn’t sound too concerned.

“I’m taking it day by day.  I’m going to try to pick it up a little more every day. It’s just sore. It’s nothing major. I don’t want to take chances with it, set myself back for the season. I’ll be doing the whole practice in no time.”

The Chiefs had Dorsey lined up as their starter at right defensive end during a walk-through portion of practice. When the Chiefs started working for real, he was replaced by rookie Alex Magee.

Just like with everyone at this early of a stage, patience is going to be key.  However, unlike Cassel’s situation, Dorsey is learning a new position and every practice he misses could set him back and give Magee the leg up on the job starting opposite first round pick Tyson Jackson.

Former Missouri and Kansas City wide receiver Will Franklin was claimed off waivers after being released by the Detroit Lions.  This time Franklin is headed to Oakland.

Franklin was one of the first cuts by Todd Haley, but he was picked up by the Detroit Lions on waivers.  But the Lions cut him after only one month with the team.

Anyone still think the Chiefs will regret letting Franklin go?  The Lions and Raiders have been interested.  The end.

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