Around The Web: Character Issues?, Patton Interview, West Eyeing Tinoisamoa

Over the past couple of days the folks at The National Football Post have been wondering if the Chiefs current draft class has multiple character issues.  Matt Bowen at NFP thinks Kansas City GM Scott Pioli may be drafting for wins over character.

From the moment CB Donald Washington was drafted, it was no secret he had been suspended for two games while at Ohio State for violating team rules.  No other players drafted were reported to have any character red flags.  According to NFP Draft Expert Wes bunting there were three other selections that have had issues in the past.

Bob Gretz was as surprised as most Chiefs fans to hear these rumblings, broke down the complaints and even did some research on the “expert”.

  • Washington was suspended for two games at Ohio State for violating team rules.
  • Sixth-round pick Quinten Lawrence was injury prone and supposedly didn’t work hard in the weight room.
  • Seventh-round pick Javarris Williams reportedly rubbed people the wrong way, but his coaching staff said he was a good guy.
  • Seventh-round TE Jake O’Connell supposedly didn’t take to coaching.

Now that’s a real murderer’s row of character problems, wouldn’t you say? No really, that’s it, those are the guys that are supposedly rife with personal problems and have shattered the profile of what Pioli did for so many years with Belichick while building the Patriots.

Who is this personnel expert with all this information on these guys? I’ve been covering the NFL for over 30 years now, and while I can’t say that I’ve kept a scoreboard of names and movement in the world of scouting, I have spent plenty of time with the football bird dogs. Wes Bunting was not a name I was familiar with.

I looked on the nationalfootballpost website and could not find a bio for this person. Ah, but this is the 21st Century and that means if somebody is alive, you can probably find them on Goggle. I did.

So this website, with former big-time NFL executives writing on a regularly basis, probably has a former NFL scout with a lot of experience as their draft guru right?

Wrong. Wes Bunting is a 22-year old college senior at Elizabethtown College in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. He will graduate in June with a degree in communications. The sum total of his NFL experience is a summer interning with the Baltimore Ravens.

If you read this site even semi-regularly you know I’m a big fan of the work Gretz does and stuff like this is one of the biggest reasons.  Talk about sniffing out BS and fully exposing it…  Great job, Bob.  Taking Bunting’s word as gospel the way NFP did about draft prospects would be the same as someone saying Tamba Hali will be a pass rushing master just because I’ve written about his potential for a rebound season here.  I’m one Ravens internship away from having just as much NFL experience as Bunting, so if anyone needs an expert give me a call!  I know things are slow right now, but does that mean people need to flat out make stuff up?  Ugh… Training camp can’t get here soon enough.

Fresh off his weekend tryout with the Chiefs, former Missouri quarterback Chase Patton sat down with Arrowhead Addict for an interview.

AA: How were things different than at Mizzou?

CP: First, I had to get used to taking snaps from center because at Missou we ran strictly out of the spread.  Secondly, I had to get used to having an attached tight end.  We only had a few receivers and tight ends so the speed of the practice was down from the tempo in which Coach Haley likes.”

AA: What do you remember the most about the weekend?

CP: I was impressed of the size and speed of Tyson Jackson, the mental preparation for the professional sport.  The notion in the pros is how you deal with adversity and have a short memory.  It was a weird feeling wearing the uniform of the team I grew up watching as a boy.

Word on the tryout guys should be coming down today or tomorrow and it would be a great story if Patton got an invitation to training camp with a real chance to beat out Brodie Croyle and Ingle Martin for the No. 3 quarterback.

Last week, the St. Louis Rams released leading tackler LB Pisa Tinoisamoa.  ESPN’s Bill Williamson thinks the 27 year old could be targeted by both the Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos.

Tinoisamoa is set to visit Buffalo tomorrow and if he leaves without a contract, the Chiefs or Broncos could turn their attention to him.

As Williamson is known to do, he is simply speculating here with no actual sources or reason to believe Tinoisamoa to the Chiefs is possibility.  Not only is Tinoisamoa small (6-1/240) but last season was the first in three years that he was able to avoid the injury bug.  Even if Buffalo passes, I’d rather go into camp with the players already on the roster and see how things shake out.

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