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There is a lot about the Chiefs blowout loss to the Broncos not to like.  But for Bob Gretz the worst part of the day was that Kansas City could be so bad on a day they honored one of their greatest players.

Behind his contagious smile and the need to create havoc on the football field, the thing that moved Derrick Thomas was pride.  This was his last hurrah, his posthumous swan song and his closing tribute all rolled into one.  Without a doubt, the Chiefs were required to put together a performance worthy of everything he ever gave to Kansas City.

The end result was unacceptable.  No matter the talent level, the fact remains that in these kinds of games, you have to deliver a winning effort, even if you come up short in the scoreboard.  It’s better than an electrocardiogram because these moments tell the true pulse of a team.

This weekend, the spirit of Derrick Thomas was present at Arrowhead thanks to Tamba Hali, and that was the highlight of an otherwise dreadful presentation.  He was magnificent in competition.  His heroics didn’t rub off on his teammates.  I’ll refuse to say that he lost, but football is a team game and he is only part of a collective losing effort.

On the worst possible day the Chiefs dropped the chalupa, and then some.  I really dole out credit to the Broncos.  Their performance honored the late Barrel Man and for that they should be proud.  At least one Hall of Famer was pleased on this day.

There aren’t enough words to describe how disappointing it was to see the Chiefs play so flat on such an important day.  Plenty of teams have more talent than Kansas City right now — including the Broncos — but as we saw two weeks ago against the Steelers, talent isn’t everything.  If there was ever a time for this team to come out and play inspired football it was this past Sunday.  The fact that they played this bad is troubling to say the least.

Matt Cassel’s performance against the Broncos was the worst of his career and earned him a spot on the bench.  Todd Haley made it clear that it was only temporary and that Cassel will continue to be his starting quarterback.

Haley indicated he believed Cassel was strong enough to overcome the toughest stretch of his professional career.

“I think the kid is a tough, tough guy and generally when you’re tough, you can handle adversity,” Haley said Monday.  “That’s the quarterback’s job, to stand adversity in the face and overcome.  Yesterday was adversity.

“Matt is a young quarterback experience wise.  Every game is experience for him.  I expect him to learn from yesterday’s experience just like from the first 10 games he played.”

I’ll say it one more time: Matt Cassel isn’t going anywhere.

It’s as simple as that.  I understand that’s frustrating to some people that expected much more out of Cassel this season, but he was brought here to lead this team going forward and will get a chance to do that at least through the end of next year.  It’s unfair to judge Cassel or anyone else on this team strictly on this season with a new system installed just before the season and little starting talent on the current roster.

If we are sitting here this time next year and he is still producing these kind of stinkers then there will be a discussion to be had.  Right now it’s all about surrounding him with talent and seeing how he responds.

It’s been a rare occurrence for the Kansas City Chiefs to find themselves as a favorite on game day.  This week could be one of those week’s, but early on many odds makers are still sitting on the fence.

Matt Cassel and Terrell Owens made headlines when they were two of the big acquisitions made during the offseason.  To date they have kept pace with each other, both becoming relatively irrelevant in the league by putting up pedestrian stats.

So it is symmetrical that Buffalo’s game against the Chiefs would be a toss-up.  Early lines have this game as a coin-flip, according to BetUS, likely because of both teams’ schizophrenic personalities.  The over/under is 37 1/2.

I’ve seen the line “as high” as 1.5 for the Chiefs, but most are sitting at EVEN and I can’t blame them.  I might be the only person following this team that is confident about this weekend after the past two weeks.  But don’t take my mildly good feelings about the Chiefs chances as any sort of endorsement for putting any money on this game.  When you are dealing with two teams that have had nothing but trouble, it’s best to stay far, far away.

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