Around The Web: Chiefs Get A Matt From Pats (Again), Baptism By Blog, Saunders In Pictures

The Kansas City Chiefs claimed QB Matt Gutierrez off of waivers from the New England Patriots yesterday.  To make room for the signal-caller, the Chiefs waived QB Ingle Martin.MattGutierrez1

Gutierrez did not arrive in time to practice with the Chiefs in the afternoon yesterday but is expected to be on the field today.  He played five games as a backup over two seasons with the Patriots.

Earlier this week Gutierrez was waived by the Patriots so they could clear roster space after signing former Raiders quarterback Andrew Walter.

He played his first three years of college football at Michigan before transferring as a senior to Idaho State.

Martin was the third quarterback for the Chiefs for five games last year, but did not throw a pass.  He was a fifth-round pick out of Furman and spent the 2006-07 season with the Packers appearing in one game.

I guess at this point we should just expect any player that gets cut by the Patriots to end up in Kansas City, which should make for an interesting last week of training camp.  Todd Haley has been pretty clear that his players are competing not just against people in camp but everyone around the league and so far that has absolutely been the case.  I still think Martin has a pro arm, but hard to get too worked up over the guys fighting for the 3rd spot at a position that if you get that low…  well, you win two games.

When you are a franchise quarterback making $63 million dollars, there are certain things that come with the territory that you don’t expect.  Like baptism by blog.

“The first time I went up to have a bite to eat at the golf clubhouse, the guy who was actually serving the food wrote a full blog about what my wife and I had for dinner, what we were talking about.  I was sitting there saying, ‘What just happened?”‘

Didn’t Tom Brady warn his offseason training partner to keep his head on a swivel off the field, too?

“No, Tom’s got paparazzi running around after him.”

Brady laughed when asked about withholding his secret of how he and wife Gisele Bundchen have adapted under the microscope.

“I guess there’s some things you have to learn on your own.”

One thing Brady knows is that Cassel will be just fine in Kansas City.

“Just being around him this offseason, I know how excited Matt is for the season and I know he’ll have a great year with the Chiefs.  I’ve been around a lot of very good players.  He stands out as the best I’ve been around in terms of work ethic and enthusiasm.  Matt’s so charismatic.  I’ve never been around anybody who doesn’t love being around Matt. And I’m at the top of that list.”

Cassel showed his grit in a Dec. 14 rout of the Oakland Raiders when he threw four touchdowns six days after his father’s sudden death.  It’s a day Cassel tears up recalling.

“It was definitely the most memorable game of my career.  In our locker room, coach Belichick said some kind words and handed me the game ball for my dad.  It was a special moment in my life and a great tribute to my dad.”

“Matt’s heart was heavy yet he knew 52 other people were counting on him,” Scott Pioli said.  “You talk about maturity, you talk about mental toughness … He wasn’t just doing that for his dad or himself.  He felt a responsibility to others.  That’s what leaders do.”

I can tell Cassel one thing, if having your dinner conversation blogged about is the worst thing that happens to you during your time in Kansas City, I think you will be doing OK.  Unfortunately, when you are in the public eye, there is very little that is off limits.  Do you think Larry Johnson wants people to talk about every move he makes in Las Vegas when he goes for a weekend trip with his boys?  It’s all part of the territory.  And as Cassel mentioned, Brady has paparazzi following him 24/7, which unless he does something truly scandalous isn’t something he’ll ever have to worry about.

The rest of that article from USA Today is a great read.  It’s pretty clear after these few months he has been a Chief that we might not know if he’ll be successful on the field yet, but it won’t be for a lack of trying.  Effort has been a very real question around this franchise the past few seasons and it will be a pleasure not having to worry about that.

Could former Chiefs offensive coordinator Al Saunders end up on the silver screen as an extra?  With his son’s burgeoning film career, it just might happen.

In the cinematic masterpiece that is “Dumb and Dumber,” the main characters take off on a road trip with Jim Carrey’s Lloyd exclaiming to Jeff Daniels’ Harry, “We’re really doing it, Har!”

Now in the midst of filming his own movie about a road trip, independent filmmaker Joe Saunders had been too busy to take note of the start of his own journey.

Joined by a crew consisting of colleagues from the film program at New York City’s Columbia University, Saunders was in Eudora last week shooting scenes from, “Sweet Little Lies,” his first full-length feature.  The project has been in gestation for about four years.

The filming will last about five weeks and take the cast and crew from New York City to the Kansas City area and then to Las Vegas and Monument Valley in southern Utah.

Saunders said the movie would be funny and dramatic, aiming for the overall feel of films such as “Stand By Me” — a favorite from Saunder’s youth.

“We’re trying to make a real, heartwarming movie.  We don’t have aliens or huge explosions, and I think the production value that we’re working in very seldom happens.”

Saunders, whose father is former Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Al Saunders, and other crew members  have ties to the Kansas City area and decided it was a landscape that wasn’t filmed enough.

“One idea behind writing the movie was to be able to shoot with a low budget.  We wanted to shoot on a location that is fantastic, but hasn’t been seen a lot.  The landscape of my youth in the Kansas City area was one of those places.”

Saunders said the generosity of several people throughout the area — for instance, the crew has been loaned cars and an RV from Kansas City dealerships — has made the production of the five-figure film a lot easier.

“The movie would not be made without all of the charitable donations.  It’s a nice homecoming to make a movie in your home city.”

They hope for a theatrical release, but the proliferation of various mediums such as cable television, DVDs and online streaming via Netflix also are possibilities.

With the constant (welcomed) barrage of training camp stories, I thought this was a cool, local change of pace.  I wonder if before he says “action” Saunders has the cast shift their positions three or four times to throw off the camera operators.

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