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The Chiefs should target the one and only can’t-miss prospect in this weekend’s draft, Missouri TE Chase Coffman says Jason Whitlock.Chase1

Matthew Stafford, Mark Sanchez, Michael Crabtree, Jeremy Maclin and all the other top 10 prospects may one day be enshrined into the Hall of Fame.  They could also be gigantic busts.  Chase Coffman will not be a bust.  He will catch numerous touchdown passes in the NFL.  He will be a high-impact rookie, a difference maker for some quarterback, an easy-to-exploit weapon for a creative offensive coordinator.

The Chiefs should do whatever is necessary to draft Chase Coffman.

I’m not even sure where to start here.  Coffman is a nice little player, but to say he — or any player in the draft — is can’t-miss prospect makes my head hurt.  I understand Whitlock does offer for full disclosure that he is friends with Chase’s father Paul, the former Chiefs and Pakcers tight end, agent Tom Condon and college roommate.  Trying to build up a friend for the local team going into draft day is nice, but do you need to use 800 words to do it?  Not to mention that Whitlock plays fast and loose with the “expert” numbers.  According to Souts Inc, Coffman is the 6th rated TE with an overall rank of 78.  Coffman is a tough as nails kid that has played through various injuries and has had zero character issues.  But for an offense that is not going to feature any tight end not named Gonzalez, it just doesn’t make sense to burn a draft pick on that position.

Where will the first Pioli-Haley draft class rank in Chiefs history?  Bob Gretz breaks down draft eras throughout team history and ranks the best and worst selections.

The team’s previous 49 drafts have been divided into four separate eras: AFL days, Hank Stram Era, Jim Schaaf Era and the Carl Peterson Era.  Within each group, the best and worst of that era is divided.  There are no grades for players from the last two drafts at the same level as the previous 47 classes as there just hasn’t been enough time to judge them.

With all of the draft stories we are being bombarded with, this is one of the better reads I’ve come across.  I’m anything but a historian, so something like this is a perfect prep for this weekend for me.  I might get lost in these lists for the next few hours…

The Chiefs have checked in with BYU wide receiver Austin Collie reports Matt Long of The El Dorado Hills Telegraph.

collie1The 6-1, 200-pound junior also served as a kick returner during his stellar three year career at Brigham Young University.  Collie finished as the school’s leader in catches (215), yards (3,255), 100-yard games (17) and touchdowns (30).  Last season he caught 106 passes for 1,538 yards and 15 touchdowns, all school records.

When he was deciding on whether to turn pro after his junior year, he knew he had the stats that warranted his choice, but there was more to it than that:

“When you get down to it, it’s what’s best for my wife and I.  It’s always been a childhood dream of mine and I’ve been working toward that and dedicated myself to that.”

I would love to see Collie end up with the Chiefs on draft day.  He is built like a truck, has great hands and you rarely see him run a bad route.  Usually a guy with his pure skills would be highly rated, but in Todd McShay’s latest mock draft Collie is projected to be taken at the end of the 6th round by the Titans.  The combination of playing for a non-power school and a lackluster 40 at the combine (4.63) has pushed Collie down draft boards.  Not only is he tough as nails, but due to his 2 year mission at BYU, Collie is older and that could help him adjust to the NFL lifestyle easier than younger rookies.  I think a guy like Collie would be much more valuable to Todd Haley offense than the aforementioned Chase Coffman.

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  1. having attended byu I can tell you that Collie would be your prototypical Pioli pick. Everything you said is true – solid guys, solid routes, great hands and he is very versatile.

    In the sixth round he would be an absolute steal. And trust me, he is much better than a 6th round pick. He WILL do well in the NFL, much better than many WRs that will be taken before him.

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