Around The Web: Cottam’s Surgery, Charles On LJ, Ochocinco Eyes Record

Earlier this week the Kansas City Chiefs placed tight end Brad Cottam on injured reserve with a vertebrae injury.  Cottam, according to Todd Haley, had successful surgery yesterday.

Haley said  he visited Cottam and that he was “doing well.”

“Everything was very successful and went very well,” Haley said.  “He’s already on the road to recovery, which is a big thing.”

Cottam landed awkwardly on his shoulder after being shoved out of bounds in the second half.  He returned to the game, but Haley said Cottam continued to suffer increased discomfort as the hours passed.

An X-ray revealed the cracked bone in Cottam’s upper spine.

After looking like a huge disappointment in training camp and the beginning of the season, Cottam was finally starting to come into his own the last couple of games.  When you have the sort of size and athleticism that he has it’s just a matter of helping him find his way and Haley finally seemed to succeed there.  Hopefully he can come back at full strength for OTAs and training camp and show that he’s ready to play a full season at a high level.

Chiefs starting running back Jamaal Charles will face off against both his predecessor at Texas in Cedric Benson and the man he used to play behind in Larry Johnson.  Charles doesn’t feel any extra pressure going up against the man who’s job he took.

“I don’t go out there to show LJ anything,” Charles said.  “I go out there to show all 32 teams what I can do.  I looked up to LJ.  It’s going to be good to play against both him and Cedric (Benson).”

Cedric Benson is one of only three runners ahead of Charles in the University of Texas rushing record books.  The two runners never shared the same locker room in Austin, but are very aware of one another.  Benson won the Doak Walker Award in 2004, a year before Charles arrived on campus.

At the end of the day, however, Charles doesn’t want to have a big day against the Bengals just to show up Larry Johnson, impress his collegiate predecessor in Cedric Benson or win you a fantasy football championship.  Really, he just wants to have a good birthday.

“I want to have a big game, not because (LJ) is on the other side of the ball, but because it is my birthday on Sunday,” Charles said before pausing and letting out that unique laugh fans are start to grow accustomed to.  “That’s why.”

I know there are a lot of you out there that are counting on Charles to deliver you a fantasy football championship, so he might not care about it but your wallet probably does.  It’s no secret what the Chiefs are going to try and do on offense.  Get Charles going and then hope to use that success to get Dwayne Bowe and Chris Chambers down the field in single coverage.

And thought winning the game is most important, I’ve heard from a lot of Chiefs fans that will be happy as along as LJ doesn’t have a big day.  Get stomped on by Cedric Benson?  Well, as long as it means LJ is on the sidelines with 15 yards on 6 carries everything will be OK.  I’d rather give LJ his yardage in return for a Chiefs win so he can pound his chest after the game while the Bengals are just hoping to make the playoffs and everyone in Cincinnati can see the real Larry Johnson come out.

Benson will be the focus of the Chiefs defense, but another member of the Bengals offense will be looking to make some noise on Sunday.  Chad Ochocinco is looking to hit a milestone and yesterday he wanted to make sure he was going to get recognition for his accomplishment.

He went looking for Scott Simpson, the Chairman of the (Video) Board at Paul Brown Stadium.

If he becomes the 33rd player in history to catch the 10,000th yard of his career Sunday against the Chiefs, The Ocho thinks it would be nice if they stopped the game and gave him the ball with some Mexican music playing.

Another part of The Ocho says that 10,000 is merely a number on the way to something else.  “How many does Jerry Rice have?” he asked of the man that leads everyone with 22,895.  “When I get there, let me know.”

“Yeah, I guess it’s cool,” said The Ocho about 10 grand, but he still sounded more concerned that his offense function more smoothly than it did last week and that he honor Henry in the right way.

“We should have solidified a playoff spot by now.  We’ll win the division Sunday as long as we handle our business,” Ochocinco said.  “One of the things that makes that possible is limit the turnovers and penalties.  Unless we do that as an offense, we’re unstoppable.  We stopped ourselves last Sunday.  Not to go back to that game.  That’s the only thing that did it.”

I watched the tape of last week’s Bengals game and there was a stretch in the third quarter where their offense looked completely lost.  Between the 5 penalties and following those up with a turnover, they came off the tracks very quickly.  Now, they turned it back around in the fourth by scoring 11 points and ended up losing a heartbreaker to the Chargers but it was ugly for a while.

Whenever the Cincinnati offense hits a road bump in the game — and it will happen — the Chiefs must keep the pressure on and not let them get back on track the way San Diego did last week.

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