Around The Web: Darling Statement, Collinsworth On Chiefs, Parker Works Out

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Devard Darling issued a statement regarding his injury.DevardDarlingInjury

“It saddens me to say my season has officially come to an end.  A torn ACL is a serious injury, but not one I can’t recover from.  I will undergo surgery to repair the damage and take the necessary steps towards a full recovery.  I am confident I will be able to return next season with the same speed and explosiveness you have seen from me in the past.  Thanks for all of the support and well wishes.”

You never want to see anyone get injured, but it was especially hard to see Darling being helped off the field.  He had shown flashes all throughout his career and the Chiefs were hoping he was finally going to put it all together this season.  Darling survived being the first player ever banished from practice by Todd Haley and even came back to run with the first team offense again.  Hopefully he can get healthy and help the Chiefs next season.

NFL analyst Chris Collinsworth was a guest on Yahoo! Sports when they previewed the Chiefs season.

On Chan Gailey:

I’m a bit of a fan of Chan Gailey’s, I knew him from University of Florida days.  I don’t know that they needed to make a change.  My guess is what happened was probably the meshing of the two philosophies with Chan and Todd didn’t mix too well for whatever reason.  Todd is a bit of a hotheaded guy if you know him at all.  We saw him last season with Anquan Boldin on the sidelines so you know what kind of character you are going to get with him.  If it didn’t go right the first time he was probably quick to make a change and that’s probably what happened.

Don’t get used to Collinsworth’s take on the Chiefs since they won’t be on Sunday Night Football anytime soon.  It’s just a quick hit with him but I think he represents the general feeling among the national media that the Chiefs are not going to be very good this season but are on the right track.

Much maligned former Chiefs receiver Samie Parker is attempting to get back into the league with a workout in Tennessee.

Looking to add depth to a young group of receivers, the Titans have scheduled work outs with free agents Matt Jones, Jerry Porter and Samie Parker on Thursday morning, just hours before the team plays the Green Bay Packers in the final game of the preseason.

Jones and Porter both played with the Jacksonville Jaguars last season and both have been on the open market throughout the offseason.  Jones was released by the Jaguars in March due to off-the-field issues, while Porter was cut a month prior after he underachieved following a big free agent deal.

Parker, who most recently played in Oakland, caught 110 passes for 1,529 yards and seven touchdowns from 2004-07 with the Kansas City Chiefs.

If Todd Haley had issues with the current crop of Chiefs receivers, can you imagine if Parker was on the roster?  Oh boy, he would only last a day, but what a day it would be!  The folks over at “NFL Wired” would do cartwheels.

Even with the league cracking down on players that have problems off-the-field, but I’m surprised Jones hasn’t found a home in the league yet.  When he is motivated, he has the talent to play for any team in the NFL.

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