Around The Web: Defending Dorsey, Offensive Issues, Cottam Catching On, Brady MIA

Glenn Dorsey has been a favorite target of fans and media alike, but Bob Gretz is coming to the defense of last year’s dorsey4first round pick.

The rush to judgment on the part of some in the media on Dorsey’s rookie season had less to do with what the young man did on the field, and more to do with the agendas of various pundits as they tried to make Carl Peterson/Herm Edwards look as bad as possible.  If you look at the rookie stats of every defensive tackle taken in the first round of the past five drafts, Dorsey had the most tackles and as many or more sacks than 7 of the 14 players.

Dorsey, for one, has not been surprised by the criticism that was come his way.

“Listen, I was the fifth pick and we only one two games, so I guess I’m going to be in the bull’s eye. It comes with it. I talked to my parents about it and they told me what I was thinking: I’ve got to turn things into a positive. That’s what I’m trying to do.”

There have also been questions about his place in the Chiefs new defense, but Dorsey doesn’t forsee any problems.

“A lot of people are thinking this is a straight 3-4 defense and it’s not.  Being at an end is a new place for me, but it’s not going to be a classic 3-4 end on every snap. I think I can do it. It’s something new to get used too. I’m trying to get better with it and trying to improve one day at a time.  There’s a place for me in this defense.”

As for the injury that has limited his participation in the team’s mini-camp and now the first OTA?

“It’s nothing major.  If it was a game, I would have played. We are just trying to make sure it heals and I can get over it.”

You can count me among the group worried about Dorsey’s injury, if only because he is missing reps in the new defense.  But I was never leading the charge to label him a draft bust.  It’s not fair to pass judgment on any pick after one year, especially guys that play on the defensive line.  If we don’t see any progress this season, even as he transitions to a new position, then I think we can start to worry about his future.

Even after a historically bad defense in 2008, after two days of full team practices Adam Teicher has found more issues with the Chiefs offense than defense.

The offensive line: Very thin without Brian Waters there.  They’ve got two starters who are over 30 — Damion McIntosh and Mike Goff — and both those guys had better hold up or the Chiefs might be in some trouble.  Very thin as far as depth; very few proven experienced guys as backups.

The receiving group without Tony Gonzalez: Dwayne Bowe dropped some balls and made some nice catches also, but he looked a lot like the Bowe we saw last year.  The Chiefs really need him to be more consistent because you’ve got Mark Bradley and Bobby Engram behind him.  Not a lot of depth there, either.

Chan Gailey: He did a great job turning the offense around last year after a rotten start and all the quarterback problems.  But he’s going to have to earn his money again this year, because there are a lot of issues with the Chiefs offensively.

Call me crazy (I’ve been called worse) but I still am more worried about the defense.  The Chiefs had moments where the offense moved the ball plenty and that was with Herm Edwards calling the shots.  This year the team will have more talent on that side of the ball and a man who better be a better head coach.  There will be a much bigger issue turning last season’s putrid defense around with even less depth at linebacker than the offensive line.

Teicher also caught up (pun intended) with Chiefs tight end Brad Cottam after practice.  Cottam knows he can’t replace Tony Gonzalez but hopes eventually he can be a reasonable part of any discussion comparing the two.

“I already know I’m not going to have 100 catches like Tony would get every season. I’m a completely different player than he is. I’d like to think I’ll be able to take some things from his game. But I’m not going to worry about trying to keep up with everything he was able to do.”

The Chiefs might not expect Cottam to get close to Gonzalez-like numbers, but Tyler Thigpen doesn’t see any reason why any of the quarterbacks wouldn’t have confident throwing to him.

“He’s a big, strong guy who catches the ball well and can run with it, too. He hasn’t given us any reason not to have confidence in him.”

This could be Cottam’s last chance to claim the position.  Scott Pioli has a history of drafting tight ends in the first round, so the Chiefs may be looking for a tight end next year if Cottam doesn’t play well and he is well aware of his situation.

“In your head, something kind of clicks when you know there’s an opening. I knew as well as everybody else that as long as Tony was here, I’m not going to be in front of him. It’s a little spark that gets you going, gets you motivated now that he’s gone.”

Speaking of the offense, Cottam could be the wild card in the offense this season.  He wasn’t known as a receiving tight end at Tennessee and Todd Haley’s offense isn’t known for featuring the tight end.  But there is a shortage of talent when it comes to the wide receivers — something Haley isn’t used to — and that could open the door for Cottam to play a significant role if he proves to be a reliable target.

The word around the New England Patriots was that Tom Brady was going to be performing football drills today for the first time since Bernard Pollard took out his left knee during last year’s opener.  But the wait will go on for at least one more week.

Brady is not expected to be an on-field participant today in the first of four open sessions the Patriots will conduct as part of their 12 OTAs.  Club spokesman Stacey James explained this week’s OTAs were geared toward younger players and newcomers, such as running back Fred Taylor.  It is aimed at getting everyone on the same page.  Not all of the players on the 92-man roster will take part.

Next week, the full squad will be involved and that most likely will include Brady who has yet to be seen doing live football drills.  He is rehabing from Oct. 6 reconstructive knee surgery that repaired both his ACL and MCL.

Just thought this might be helpful for anyone that is freaking out over Matt Cassel throwing two incompletions on his first official passes yesterday.  Yes, I actually received half a dozen emails from people already worried about Cassel after one full squad practice.

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