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The general consensus around the nation seems to still be the Kansas City Chiefs will select LB Aaron Curry with the #3 pick in the upcoming NFL Draft.  But there is no consenus over at the KC Star Red Zone blog with Adam Teicher and Kent Babb debating who the Chiefs should select.

After demanding a pass rusher ever since the departure of Jarred Allen, Teicher still feels that is the team’s biggest need and wants a a player like Everette Brown of Florida State or Brian Orakpo of Texas instead of Curry.  Even though Curry is seen as the safe pick, the Chiefs are in a position where they have to take a chance.

While Babb agrees the Chiefs need a pass rusher, he views the greater need at linebacker.  Especially with the current  depth chart looking something like this:curry3

LOLB Rocky Boiman
LILB Monty Beisel or Demorrio Williams
RILB Derrick Johnson
ROLB Mike Vrabel

So unless Kansas City is presented with a lopsided trade offer they should stay at #3 and select Curry if he is still on the board.  The Chiefs are not looking for a quick fix and that is exactly how a Brown or Orakpo would be viewed even though linebackers would still be the weakest part of the defense.  Instead the team should look for a pass rusher in the later rounds or in free agency next season.

I’ve been very clear in my support for taking Aaron Curry with the #3 pick.  With that being said I just want Scott Pioli and Todd Haley to look at their big board and no matter where they pick to take the player sitting on the top, assuming that person is not a quarterback.  This team still has so many holes it’s not necessary to draft for need.  Stockpile the best players available and sort things out as the season goes along.

Eawestern2rlier this week, there was a lot of speculation that the plan to move Chiefs training camp from Wisconsin to Missouri was in trouble.  But is it really? Both Missouri Western State University and the Chiefs have agreed the deal will be for at least five years, with five one-year renewal options.  But a spokesman for the Missouri Department of Economic Development said the state will not issue the $25 million in tax credits unless a full 10-year contract is signed.

But at the same time you have the President of the University, Dr. bob Vartabedian, sounding anything but worried:

“I think they’re just trying to strike the best deal for us, which I appreciate… I’m not a mind reader, but my guess is that this will not be a deal breaker (with the Chiefs).”

I’m gonna go with the President of MWSU on this one.  The money and facilities — the biggest aspects of this deal — are already agreed upon so there are no major hurdles here.  The Chiefs have said they have every intention of staying there for 10 years, so if at the end of the day the state and/or university needs the contract to officially be that long then the team will commit to that.  The team, school and state will benefit from this deal and no one will want to have egg on their face, so expect a deal to be signed shortly.

Add the folks over at Arrowhead Addict to “Don’t Draft Curry” list.  Today they are offering an arguement for trading down 5-8 places to pick up extra picks and then select WR Jeremy Maclin.  The idea would be to improve both the maclin1offense and special teams by adding the game breaking Maclin.

However, according to ProFootballTalk Maclin might not be available for the Chiefs if they trade down, as the Raiders are bringing him in for a workout tomorrow.  It could clearly be a misdirection play by Oakland, but it could at least mean they are thinking about taking a wideout with the seventh overall pick.

Maclin would be an interesting guy to play next to Dwayne Bowe, Tony Gonzalez and give Matt Cassel a similar set of weapons he got used to last season in New England.  And like I said, if Pioli is drafting from the top of his draft board, I am all for whoever he takes.  But at this point even if the Chiefs trade down, it’s hard for me to imagine them thinking offense, even with Todd Haley surely begging for more weapons.

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