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With the draft just two weeks away, Bob Gretz sees the Chiefs chances of trading away the third pick dwindling.  Word has started to lead from draft rooms that teams think this draft has a lot of talent but none that is considered sure-fire, Grade A talent.  From the sounds of it, the true value in the draft will come from picks 10-25.

The teams at the top of the draft are going to be paying big money for players that are not viewed as worthy of that kind of cash.  While teams have spoken highly of Curry, quarterback Matt Stafford of Georgia, tackles Eugene Monroe of Virginia and Jason Smith of Baylor they have also agreed there were unanswered questions about each one.

History also is not in the Chiefs favor when it comes to trading top 10 picks.  Just once in the past 9 drafts has there been a trade for the #3 picks.  That was in the 2000 draft when the 49ers send that pick to the Redskins for the 12th and 24th selections.  Over that same time period there have only been six trades in the top five of the draft and three of those transactions were in 2000.  Only once in the last seven drafts has a top five pick been moved.

The one factor that could work in the Chiefs favor would be a surprise or two ahead of them.  If the Lions and Rams happen to both pass on Stafford that would make the #3 pick much much more valuable.  Teams looking for a quarterback would be much more willing to offer Kansas City an appealing package for their pick.

All in all some great info from Bob Gretz, who continues to deliver day in and day out. I’ve felt more and more over that past week that the Chiefs would trade back in the first round.  But Gretz puts a very convincing argument together here on what I shouldn’t expect it to happen.  Not only does history support the idea that top picks are not moved, but this is a world the NFL has never had to operate in before with businesses (including most franchises) taking extra precautions when committing to big time money.  So while I think Scott Pioli would like to move his top pick, it does not look like it will be an easy task.  I do still believe the Chiefs will find their way into the second half of the first round and/or front end of the second.

Mock drafts are seemingly everywhere these days and the folks as the Red Zone Blog are no different.  With thjasonsmith2e third pick in the NFL draft the Kansas City Chiefs select: OT Jason Smith from Baylor.

Scott Pioli wants to build with big, fast and smart players.  Smith, a converted tight end, is all three, and together with Branden Albert, can give the Chiefs bookend tackles.

If the Chiefs keep the third pick, Curry is the guy I want.  But it will be hard to argue with Smith or Monroe because all of a sudden a notortiously weak unit will start shaping up as one of the best young units in the league.  Some have suggested you do not select a RT with a pick this high, but to me — just like with Curry — you bring in the best talent available and I would love for the Chiefs to finally have two solid offensive tackles again.

There have been 34 linebackers drafted in the top five selections of the NFL draft and there is a good chance Curry will be number 35.   Chris at Arrowhead Pride crunches the numbers for all 34 of those players.

Just some amazing numbers for every Chiefs fan to pour over this weekend.  And while I looked over the various names, the one that jumped out to me was Carl Banks.  The anti-Curry crowd is unwilling to take a player in the top 3 if he is not known as a pass rusher, but if Aaron Curry can be a Carl Banks-type player I’ll be happy.  Banks “only” had 39.5 sacks in his career but was a major part of two Super Bowl champion teams for the New York Giants.  He was also named to the NFL’s 1980’s All-Decade Team.  Everyone — myself included — wants the next Derrick Thomas or Lawrence Taylor but why is getting a Carl Banks such a disaster?

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