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The Kansas City Chiefs continue to look like a team with more than their current 7 draft choices, according to Adam Teicher.  Even though the Chiefs are slated to pick third overall and not again until the third round, yesterday they held a workout with three highly regarded prospects.  But of the three, only Texas defensive end Brian Orakpo has a chance to go off the board at #3.  The other two prospects, linebackers Connor Barwin of Cincinnati and James Laurinaitis of Ohio State are projected as late first round or early second round picks.  Barwin said he and the team Barwin1discussed their position:

“The Chiefs asked me how high I thought I would be drafted. I said I expected to be drafted in the first round, but I didn’t think I would go as high as the third pick overall.  They said they had the third pick right now but that things could change. They never told me I’d be a Chief, but they did say they didn’t know what draft picks they might have April 25.”

While in New England, Scott Pioli was very agressive on draft day.  During six of his nine drafts with the Patriots they made more than their original seven picks.

I haven’t talked to anyone — associated with the team or not — that thinks the Chiefs will sit on their current seven selections.  Even Scott Pioli keeps Kansas City at the top of the draft, I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t jump into the back of the first round or beginning of the second.  A guy like Barwin has “Pioli” written all over him and I’d love for the team to target him.  Laurinaitis on the other hand does nothing for me and hopefully the Chiefs stay far, far away.

Over at Pro Football Weekly, Michael Blunda explains that the Chiefs have not made a big splash in free agency, instead choosing to bring in veteran players like Mike Vrabel and Bobby Engram to serve as mentors to the younger players already on the roster.

This offseason has played out near perfect for me to this point.  Instead of completely blowing things up, Pioli and Todd Haley have slowly added pieces to the current roster.  The idea of having people like Vrabel, Engram and Mike Goff play the Tony Richardson role that this team has been lacking under Herman Edwards is brilliant.

Taking one last look at the Jay Cutler trade, Kent Babb breaks down how it affects the Chiefs and Gene Wojciechowski of ESPN dissects the entire deal.

I said it yesterday, but I mean it for real this time: hopefully we are done talking about the Broncos until the season starts.  Or at least until we see what they turn the Bears’ draft picks into.  Thankfully this situation didn’t linger on as long as last season’s Brett Favre saga and all parties involved can move forward.

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