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When a new coaching staff comes into a program, there are some guys who just don’t fit in the new system.  Adam Teicher believes there are warning signs that the Chiefs last three No. 1 draft picks — Tamba Hali, Dwayne Bowe and Glenn Dorsey — are those guys.bowe1

The Chiefs look as if they’re getting ready to move Hali to OLB and that may be a good fit.  Coverage will be an issue for him at linebacker and the Chiefs may decide to rush him in obvious passing situations or even move him back to end where he can rush the passer in obvious passing downs.

Bowe and Dorsey are different.  Do they fit the Chiefs’ philosophy about guys who want to work at football?  That would mean doing everything off the field 365 days a year to get yourself ready for those 16 games.

This is a key year for Bowe.  If he shows he’s willing to work at football, he has a place in this regime and if not this time next year the Chiefs might try to move Bowe.

Dorsey appears to be a man without a position.  The Chiefs are saying that maybe he’s going to play some at end.  If they were confident he could do that, they would not have spent their top two draft picks on defensive ends.

Hali and Dorsey are definitely wait-and-see type players since they will be playing new positions this season.  It’s fair to put them on warning.  But Bowe?  Really?  If anything, Bowe — and any of the wide receivers that make the team — should be poised to flourish in Todd Haley’s system.  None of us are in the weight room this off season so there’s no way to know how seriously Bowe is taking the new philosophy but is there any reason to believe he’s been anything but a willing soldier?  As a whole I guess you could say that any player not buying into the “Pioli Way” is open to being jettisoned, but it’s not fair to throw Bowe’s name out there specifically.

As the Chiefs start up their first rookie mini-camp there are still veterans out there that could be brought into the fold.  Bill Williamson took to his AFC West Blog and suggested a few potential targets: Cardinals Anquan Boldin and Darnell Dockett and free agent Jason Taylor.

The Chiefs could use Boldin, who wants to be traded.  Kansas City has an extra second-round draft pick next year and has the ability to give him a big, new contract.  Boldin also played for coach Todd Haley last season in Arizona.

Dockett would fit in with Kansas City and he could play end in the 3-4 defense.  There is also a connection with Haley and defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast, who was Dockett’s defensive boss in Arizona.  To this point the Cardinals are not expected to accommodate Dockett’s request for a trade.

ESPN reported yesterday that Taylor probably will end up in New England or Miami.  He would be a perfect fit for the Chiefs as he would give them a much needed pass-rushing presence but it doesn’t seem likely at this point.

I would say that none of the three seem likely.  The other name that was in the article, free agent Larry Foote, is already off the market after signing a deal with the Detroit Lions.  Not only will Boldin cost at the very least the second round pick the Chiefs got for Tony Gonzalez, but also a big new contract.  Just because Scott Pioli has cap room to work with, that doesn’t mean he needs to spend as much of it as possible.  I would have seen Dockett as a much more likely target before the draft when I thought Aaron Curry would be coming to Kansas City.  But after taking two defensive ends with their top two picks I’d be surprised if they bring any veterans in to compete there.  That would undoubtedly also put Taylor out of the running.  Don’t get me wrong, I would welcome any of the three to Kansas City but just don’t think it’s realistic to think they will end up with the Chiefs.

Someone that will be a member of the Chiefs — at least for this weekend’s rookie mini-camp — is former Missouri quarterback Chase Patton.

chasepatton2Patton attended the Chicago Bears rookie mini-camp last weekend but left without a contract offer so he accepted the same invitation from the Kansas City Chiefs, which begins tomorrow.  The Chiefs appear set at QB with Matt Cassel, Tyler Thigpen and Brodie Croyle.  But if anything, Chiefs GM Scott Pioli has history going outside the box when it comes to selecting quarterbacks having pulled the trigger on selecting Cassel.  Patton is just looking for a chance.

“Hopefully I can go in there and show them something they can take a chance on.”

All I have to say is: Sign me up!  Not because I think lightning will strike for the same guy twice, but because I don’t understand the need to keep Brodie Croyle on the roster this season.  Thigpen showed last year he is more than capable of running a team and more importantly can stay healthy.  Croyle can barely roll out of bed without landing in the trainer’s room.  Let Patton learn the system and how to be a pro for a year and see if he is capable of being a backup in this league and then maybe he can be the next Matt Cassel.

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