Around The Web: Goff’s Streak Ends, Brown Stands Up, NOW Against Cable

The starting debut that got the most attention yesterday was that of Jamaal Charles at running back.  But equally as big was guard Andy Alleman getting the start on the offensive line in place of Goff, snapping his streak of 113 straight starts.

Goff missed practice time during the week because of a sore shoulder, but he was well enough to be active Sunday, so the decision to elevate Alleman could have been performance-related.

“There were a couple of mistakes,” said Alleman, acquired in an August trade with Miami.  “Games are never as bad as you think or as good as you think.  For the most part, I think individually I did all right.  Obviously, collectively and individually, it wasn’t good enough.”

I’m really surprised that Haley would end Goff’s streak if he were healthy enough to be active.  By all accounts, Goff has been the perfect soldier and was praised by Haley throughout OTAs and training camp.  I understand moving people around based on performance and Goff has struggled a big, but was Alleman much better than Goff has been this season?

The defender in the middle of Jacksonville’s first two touchdowns was safety Mike Brown.  He was late getting to the first play and not even in the same atmosphere of the second.  Unlike some players after they have a bad game, Brown stood in front of his locker and talked about his performance.

“I feel bad, I feel like I cost my team the game,” Brown said.  “We only lost this game by three points.  It’s easy to see if I had played a better game how we might be enjoying a win today, rather than another loss.”

Mike Brown did not lose this game himself; he had a lot of help from a lot of his teammates and coaches.  If Brown plays this game at an All-Pro level there’s a good chance the Chiefs would have still found other ways to lose.

It’s just that right now, the margin of error for the Chiefs is so thin they can’t overcome a bad day from one of their safeties, especially when his poor play leads to a pair of scores.

The first came in the opening quarter when Jaguars RB Rashad Jennings broke through the line of scrimmage and ran 28 yards for a touchdown.  Brown had the chance to make the tackle that would have held the run to 10 or 12 yards.  But Jennings fought off Brown with a stiff arm and went into the end zone.

“I missed that one; I take responsibility for that,” said Brown.  “Those plays are things I cannot do if we are going to win … I had the opportunity to make the tackle and it didn’t happen.”

But the killer came in the second quarter, when Jacksonville QB David Garrard hooked up with WR Mike Sims-Walker for a 61-yard scoring play.  There was only one man close to the receiver when he hauled in the pass and that was Brown, who watched helplessly as the ball flew over his head and into the arms of Sims-Walker.  Brown chased him into the end zone, but was not threat to tackle him.

“The cover two, that’s my bad,” said Brown.  “That was a huge play in the game.  It was just bad play on my part.  My responsibility is the back half of the field and I wasn’t there.  I think that play cost us the game.”

Trust me, I understand the Chiefs are thin at safety and Brown is a Haley guy to the bone.  But can we please see DaJuan Morgan at strong safety for the rest of the season?  Maybe Morgan isn’t the answer, but we know Brown isn’t.

Over at Chiefs Chatter I talk more in depth about what I think Todd Haley should do with Brown.

Next up for Kansas City will be the Oakland Raiders, a team coming off their bye and trying to put their many off-the-field distractions behind them.  They won’t be able to if NOW has anything to say about it.

The National Organization for Women is calling for coach Tom Cable’s suspension while the Raiders and the NFL investigate allegations that Cable physically abused his first wife more than 20 years ago and abused a former girlfriend in January.  NOW president Terry O’Neill sent the request to USA Today.

“Tom Cable’s history of violence against women raises a question: Why is he still the head coach of an NFL team?” O’Neill’s statement said in part.  “Mr. Cable admits having battered his first wife, and he stands accused of battering two other intimate partners as well.

“The Oakland Raiders, properly, say they are undergoing a ‘serious evaluation’ of these recent allegations.  At the very least, he should be suspended during this process.”

Cable said Thursday that he doesn’t think outside forces such as NOW will influence his future with the Raiders.

“I don’t think so,” Cable said.  “I think it will be handled properly.  I’m going to leave it at that right now.”

Cable issued a statement Sunday saying he slapped his first wife, Sandy, “more than 20 years ago,” but that he hasn’t had inappropriate contact with a woman since.  Sandy Cable said in an ESPN report that she was punched in the face.

On Wednesday, Cable said he discussed the most recent allegations with Raiders managing general partner Al Davis earlier this week.  Davis has not addressed the matter, though the team issued a statement saying that a “serious investigation would be undertaken.”

I know there’s a lot of negativity around Kansas City right now, but let me repeat…  Things could be worse!

The Raiders might have had a week to prepare, but early on I feel confident about a big game for the Chiefs on Sunday.  While Kansas City has made progress on offense and defense, the Raiders have been answering questions about their quarterback’s historically bad play and their coach beating not only an assistant coach, but allegedly multiple women.

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