Around The Web: Gonzalez On Waters, Chiefs Know Tragedy, Lamar Hunt Super Bowl Gallery

Atlanta Falcons TE Tony Gonzalez was interviewed on “Rome Is Burning” to talk about his new team.  During the interview he was asked about, among other things, the disgruntled Brian Waters.

“I haven’t spoken with Brian in a while.  But I was talking with him about the same time I was traded.  He told me he was thinking about getting out of there too.  He’s in the same situation I’m in.  I understand what Brian’s going through.  He wants to end it on a bright note and he can probably see the end coming down the pipe, too.  Brian is a pretty strong willed person and so are Pioli and Haley so hopefully there is a compromise.”

Hopefully this puts to bed any questions about Waters and/or Gonzalez demanding a trade.  There is also no way anyone can defend Waters for skipping the voluntary OTAs or charity event.  They both wanted out and Gonzalez was traded because a team stepped up and was willing to pay the price Scott Pioli wanted.  If a team were to call the Chiefs today and offer a 2nd round pick for Brian Waters, I have no doubt he would be a former Chief by noon.

The tragic death of Steve McNair has brought to the front of mind the many athletes we have lost too soon.  Arrowhead Addict detailed the terrible losses that have been suffered by the Chiefs family over the years.MackLeeHill1

Mack Lee Hill was a rookie free agent from Southern University in 1964.  He made the roster that season and became the team’s second leading rusher.  He capped his season by playing in the AFL All-Star Game.  The following season he built on his rookie success until injuring his knee in a game against the Bills.  Mack Lee Hill died while undergoing knee surgery on December 12, 1965.  The Chiefs have honored his memory by retiring his number, 36, and naming the rookie of the year award after him — The Mack Lee Hill Award.

On a cold icy January afternoon, Derrick Thomas was driving his Suburban fo catch a plane at KCI.  Thomas abruptly lost control behind the wheel and was ejected from the vehicle, resulting in severe spinal cord damage.  While being hospitalized at a rehab hospital in Florida, he died due to a blood clot to his lungs.  Derrick has been honored by the Chiefs by his placement in the Ring of Honor and the retirement of his number.  In August, Derrick Thomas will be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Obviously, Mack Lee Hill was before my time, but I remember exactly where I was when I heard Derrick Thomas passed away.  All these years later I still can’t believe that he’s gone.  For me, he will always be the first person that comes to mind when I think of the Kansas City Chiefs, right up there with the founder of the franchise Lamar Hunt.

Speaking of the great Mr. Hunt, The Pro Football Hall of Fame will soon formally open the new Lamar Hunt Super Bowl Gallery.

The gallery is named in honor of the man whose vision and love of sports not only gave birth to a new league, but an international sports phenomenon he literally named.  Hunt, who was enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1972, was the guiding figure behind the formation of both the American Football League and the Dallas Texans franchise, which later became the Kansas City Chiefs.  He is also credited with naming the Super Bowl.  The Lamar Hunt Super Bowl Gallery will be dedicated to a single subject, the Super Bowl.  Chiefs Chairman Clark Hunt commented on the gallery that will honor his father’s work.

“This is a tremendous honor for our family and a meaningful tribute to my father’s contributions to the NFL’s showcase event.  From naming the game and assigning its Roman numerals, to suggesting the name of the Lombardi Trophy, the development of the Super Bowl is a substantial piece of my father’s professional legacy, and we are very proud that this beautiful gallery will bear his name.”

In a state-of-the-art Super Bowl Theater, visitors will experience the sense of awe and excitement that is the Super Bowl as the full force of the most recent game is presented through the cinematic magic of NFL Films.

This $2.4 million renovation and modernization project, coupled with major renovations completed in 2008 and 2003 provides the museum with a dramatic new look to more than two thirds of the Hall of Fame’s exhibition space.  The Lamar Hunt Super Bowl Gallery further cements the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s status as “America’s premier sports museum and showplace.”

I’m embarrassed to admit that I have never been to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  Not that I really had a good excuse before, but certainly after this summer with DT being inducted and Lamar Hunt’s gallery opening I have to finally make the trip.  There are few people that were more instrumental in the NFL’s success and it’s always good to see people recognize that fact.

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