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With Sports Illustrated’s Peter King on vacation, former Chiefs quarterback Trent Green took a break from moving into TrentGreen1his Kansas City home to  write today’s Monday Morning quarterback column.

Green touches on what the NFL needs to do regarding players and concussions:

The league needs to come up with minimum guidelines that each team must follow when a player suffers a concussion.  I’ve learned firsthand the biggest factor after a concussion is time.  With both of my concussions, the Chiefs and Dolphins made sure I didn’t return to the field too soon.  This is where it gets tricky.  The player has to be honest with himself and the medical staff.  In most cases, that is the only way to tell.  Where this becomes difficult for a player is the football mindset.  Whenever you start playing football, it is instilled from day one to work through the pain.  Bruises, sprains, strains, cramps, a little crack here, or a little tear there.  All of it you can work through, it just depends on how mentally tough you are.  That’s what players, coaches, team doctors all have to deal with.  It is just not smart, though, when dealing with the brain.  So until more research can be done about long term brain damage associated with multiple head injuries, the NFL needs to step up and set some minimum guidelines for teams to follow.

And his life post-retirement:

For those of you that think retired athletes sleep in, work out, play a little golf, maybe get a massage, I’ve got news for you: The Greens would make for a great reality show to destroy all those Hollywood stereotypes about retirement.  Because youth baseball practices and games consume a lot of our evenings, we rarely have time for the five of us to sit down for dinner.  We found a rare opportunity last week and about five minutes into the meal, Janelle, 3, says she’s not hungry anymore and refuses to sit in her seat.  Just then, Derek, 9, reaches for a bowl of fruit and one of his elbows knocks over his glass of milk.  TJ, 11, goes into big brother mode and begins the verbal jabs.  As my wife Julie hurried for some towels, the boys continue jawing and Janelle starts running around the table singing some song, REALLY LOUD.  As Julie returns with the towels, she sees me sitting there, mouth open, watching all of this unfold.  She gets my attention and I just begin to laugh, I look at her and say, “If people only knew.” Welcome to retirement, Trent!

If I’m Mark Donovan, new EVP/COO of the Kansas City Chiefs, one of the first things I do is visit the Green family and tell Trent he can have any position in the organization he wants.  Green is the type of guy that will be great at whatever he ends up deciding to do in his retirement and hopefully the Kansas City Chiefs will be a part of those plans for the long term.

Can you remember many explosive plays over the past two seasons for the Chiefs?  Yea, me either.  Bob Gretz takes a closer look at just how poor Kansas City has been when it comes to big time plays.Explosive1

We are talking about game changing plays, like runs where the back burst through the line of scrimmage and got into the secondary for a major gain.  Or long bombs in the passing game.  How about punt and kickoff returns into the end zone for a score?  Defensive touchdowns, like a sack, fumble, recovery and TD?  If they don’t come quickly to mind, there’s a reason: there weren’t many.

Brandon Flowers picked off a Brett Favre pass and returned it 91 yards for a score in October ‘08.  Tyron Brackenridge picked up a fumble by San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers and scored on a 50-yard return in October ‘07.  Maurice Leggett returned a fake field goal fumble by Oakland 67 yards for a score and then grabbed an interception off Jay Cutler for 27 yards and a TD.  Both of those came last season.

That’s it … the sum total of big plays.  Four plays in four different games.  The Chiefs were 2-2 in those games.  Doesn’t sound like much, but when a team goes 4-12 and 2-14, that’s 33 percent of the victories.

The lack of explosion plays was especially true last season.  Of the league’s 100 longest running plays in 2008, Larry Johnson had three, none for a score.  Of the top 100 longest pass plays, the Chiefs had three and none went for a touchdown.  Of the 100 longest kick returns last year, the Chiefs had two, none for a touchdown.  Of the 100 longest punt returns last year, the Chiefs had one, without a TD.

In the last two years, the Chiefs have had just three running plays that gained 50 yards or more.  That’s out of 762 rushing plays.  All three were runs by Johnson: 54, 63, and 65 yards..  None went for a touchdown.

As bad as the Chiefs were the past couple of seasons, it doesn’t get any easier to look at numbers like these.  It also makes people like me realize that Larry Johnson is the only real chance the Chiefs running game has of breaking big plays.  I’ve been trying to talk myself — and all of you — into believing that the offense could be just fine without LJ but that’s not the case.  At least not the way the offense is currently constructed.  Bob also breaks down the other big plays (or lack thereof) so make sure you click through to read the whole article.

Former Chiefs running back Greg Hill is trying his hand at acting.  It’s a role he’s comfortable with: himself.BuffaloWildWings1

Hill is joined by former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Sean Salisbury for an internal marketing video for Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants.  It was shot at Texas Stadium in Arlington, a nearby Buffalo Wild Wings and will be used to promote the upcoming NFL season at the chain’s restaurants.

I spend a lot of time during the NFL season at Buffalo Wild Wings, so I hope they show this spot plenty in the restaurant during the season.  The potential for unintentional comedy is off the charts for this one.  And not because of anything Hill will do/say, but Salisbury is a walking joke waiting to happen.  When he was still on ESPN, his showdowns with John Clayton were always hilarious.

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