Around The Web: Haley Likes Cassel, Why Engram?, Herm Wrap, Free Agent Bargains

Chiefs QB Matt Cassel draws the most comparisons to his former teammate Tom Brady but Todd Haley tells Adam Teicher he sees Kurt Warner.  During his time with the Cardinals Haley says Warner wouldn’t ever want to do or talk about anything but football.  Haley says Cassel “is football 24/7 to the point where I’ve had to pull back the reins on him a couple of times and say, ‘Listen, Matt. These next couple of months are about getting in shape and getting your body ready for the season. There’s time enough for football.’”

There are few things I enjoy hearing more than a player that leaves the impression that all they care about is football.  In today’s league with players that are more worried about getting paid than learning plays it’s refreshing that Cassel still has a chip on his shoulder even after a breakout year.  Being compared to someone like Warner isn’t anything to sneeze at either, though Brenda Warner is no Giselle Bundchen.

Teicher also caught up with Haley and found out why they chose Bobby Engram over Torry Holt.

I know there are still a lot of Chiefs fans that wish Holt was the pick over Engram, but I think — especially with Haley being familiar with him — that Scott Pioli made the right decision.

Another great group of quick hits from Adam Teicher with Clark Hunt touching on everything from the expectations for the team this season to whether or not it was fair to fire Herm Edwards:herm1

“I don’t think the National Football League is really a fair place. I know that Herm did what he felt was in the best long-term interest to the Kansas City Chiefs. But I’ve got to believe he knew it carried some personal risk with that. He felt he needed to build this team into a championship team with young players. I don’t disagree with the approach he took. He walked into a difficult situation in that we had a veteran team. He probably knew he was taking some risk as he took us in a different direction with youth.”

Most fans, myself included, were ready to drive Herm to the airport but it was pretty clear that Clark’s preference was to keep him on board for at least one more season.  And a weaker owner would have stuck to their guns and held onto Edwards for one more season so give Hunt credit for realizing what needed to be done for the franchise to move on.

Over at Arrowhead Addict, Adam Best runs down five free agents that could be bargains for the Chiefs.

If Incognito were an unrestricted free agent I would love to bring him into the fold, but I have a problem giving up draft picks for anyone, especially with the team no longer picking in the 2nd round.  The other guy I’d bring in is Anthony Weaver who could step in and help right away.

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