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Todd Haley has made situation work a prominent part of training camp with the Kansas City Chiefs in his first season as head coach.  Bob Gretz caught up with with Haley to talk about why the team has to focus so much on these sessions.

The Chiefs practice the two-minute drill, goal line and short yardage, killing the clock, saving time on the clock, using timeouts effectively.  At least once, usually twice a practice Haley lays out a situation for his team before the start of the drill.

“There are a lot of teams that don’t put a lot of time into it.  I would bet that we’re putting as much if not more time than any team in the league.  There’s a reason for that because I believe it wins or loses games for you.”

It’s been a struggle for some of the players to keep up with the situations, especially the younger guys on the Chiefs roster.  Part of that can be traced to the limited amount of time that college coaches are allowed to spend with players in practice and film study, according to Haley.

“Guys are coming into the league today and they really are not football smart.  The college coaches have a limited amount of time and they have got to dedicate that to game plans and the preparation.  We’ve got ground to make up … we can’t assume with these young guys coming into the league that they know how to handle a situation.  Definitely, there’s a learning curve … I’ve got to have a little patience.  It’s something that’s going to be part of what we do.  We are not going to be one of those teams that beats itself.”

Hmmm, a team that beats itself…  That sounds awfully familiar doesn’t it?  No one knows how quickly the Chiefs will take to the new offensive and defensive schemes, but it’s pretty clear that we won’t see the same fourth quarter collapses they were known for the past two seasons.

Fantasy football drafts are very much underway now and there are still questions surrounding the exact value of Matt Cassel and Larry Johnson.  Jim Rueda breaks down how Todd Haley will impact both players this season.

Will Cassell do for the Chiefs what he did for New England last year?  Will Haley allow Cassel to replicate his 2008 season, in which he completed 327 of 516 passes for 3,693 yards and 21 touchdowns?

If he does, does it mean Larry Johnson’s days as solid No. 1 fantasy running back are officially over?  Does it mean wide receiver Dwayne Bowe now joins the elite pass catchers in fantasy football (assuming he can move beyond third string on his own team’s depth chart)?

I mentioned this on the last episode of The Red & Gold Report and I’ll repeat it here: there aren’t any Chiefs worthy of being a No. 1 fantasy option.  Bowe and Johnson can serve as your second WR or RB but do not draft them expecting more than that.  As for Cassel, it’s not a matter of Haley allowing him to replicate his 2008 season.  He needs to have the tools and that isn’t going to happen until next season at the earliest.

The talk early yesterday coming out of Minnesota was surrounding Tarvaris Jackson trying to fight off Sage Rosenfels for the starting quarterback job.  Then came word that the Favre drama could still be alive and well.

Favre watch is back on.  Vikings players who want to remain anonymous are confirming the news.  One Viking says its already done.  Another apparently says he thinks Favre will be in by the third preseason game.  The Vikings front office has no comment.  Coach Childress has named Tarvaris Jackson to start in their next preseason game with the Kansas City Chiefs with Sage Rosenfels to follow.

Guess I spoke too soon yesterday, when I said about the Jackson-Rosenfels battle: “It’s not as much drama as it would have been if Brett Favre came out of retirement (again) to play for the Vikings.”  Looks like the two Minnesota quarterbacks are now having a Croyle-Thigpen-esque competition.  And it means that ESPN will cover Friday night’s game top-to-bottom with their all-Favre all the time coverage that I was hoping we were finally done with.

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