Around The Web: Herm’s Light, Grading The ’06 Draft, Hicks Follows Gun

The inevitable has happened as former Kansas City Chiefs coach Herman Edwards is the latest coach to sign on to be herm4part of the Coors Light team.

Edwards, now an ESPN football analyst, will join the lineup of former NFL coaches whose press conference clips are used in ads touting the NFL’s official beer.  Other coaches in the series have included Bill Parcells, Bill Walsh and Brian Billick.  The campaign uses actual press conference footage to contrcut fake exchanges between the former coaches and Coors Light fanatics posing as reporters.

These commercials are going to be the best ones Coors Light has ever made.  Just think about it for a minute… Beyond the “Hello?! You play to win the game” rant it’s hard to even guess at what else the Coors Light folks will end up choosing.  There is that much great material.  You can hear a montage of the potential clips on the first episode of The Red & Gold Report.  It’s a shame they can’t use the footage of Larry Johnson mocking Edwards for one of the spots, because that would take the commercials to another level of hilarity.

Knowing it takes at least three years to properly grade a draft, Chris at Arrowhead Pride takes a look at the Chiefs 2006 draft class.

hali1Round 1, #20 DE Tamba Hali: Considered a reach at the time, Hali has hardly lived up to first round expectations.  Even though his tackles have ramined steady for the three years he’s been int he NFL, Hali’s sack numbers have dropped off significantly since Jared Allen left for Minnesota

Hali has been lining up at linebacker in the Chiefs’ mini-camps.  His future as a DE is iffy at best.  Loses points for not living up to expectations and being unable to perform without a superstar lining up opposite him.

Grade: D+

Could have had instead: RB Laurence Maroney, C Nick Mangold, RB Joseph Addai

Make sure you hit up AP for the rest of the grades, including an A+ in the 7th round.  I think I’m the only person in Chiefs nation that isn’t completely down on Hali.  I agree he hasn’t lived up to first round expectations, but it’s hard to kill him when the entire pass rush went away with Jared Allen.  To me it didn’t prove Hali doesn’t have worth, but that he needs to be a complementary player and that’s exactly what he will be in this new system.  If this he does not succeed this season then I think the grade should probably sink even lower, but we need to see what happens this year.  That being said, it would be great to have Mangold under center for the next 10 years.

Former Chiefs defensive end Eric Hicks has signed with the Detroit Lions to once again play under defensive Chiefs Hicks Released Footballcoordinator Gunther Cunninghame.

Hicks made the Chiefs’ roster as an undrafted rookie out of Maryland in 1998, when Cunningham was the defensive coordinator.  He spent nine years in Kansas City.  Hicks played with the New York Jets in 2007 and was out of the league last season.

When I think of Eric Hicks all that comes to mind is that 14 sack season back in 2000, which seems like forever ago.  And to me he should be a whole lot older than 32 right now.  The problem with Hicks is that the other thing I remember from that 2000 season other than his sack total is a five game losing streak and another lost season.

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