Around The Web: LJ Case Heard, Cutler Spouts Off, Importance Of 7

Yesterday the case between the Chiefs and Larry Johnson was heart by a special master, reports Adam Teicher.  No lj9ruling was immediately made and neither side was certain when one would be handed down.  It is still believed the Chiefs will release Johnson if they can free themselves of the $3.5 million and $250,000 bonuses they owe him as part of the contract extension he signed in 2007.

Not to sound like a broken record, but I believe Larry Johnson will be playing elsewhere no matter how the special master rules.  If the ruling is in favor of the Chiefs then they save $4 million and can move along with a little more coin in their pocket.  And if it’s in favor of Johnson then they cut a check and send him on his merry way.  Of course they’ll try to trade him first, but either way I expect Johnson to exit.

The Jay Cutler saga continues with the embattled quarterback breaking his silence with Jay Glazer of Fox Sports:

“I really didn’t want this. I love Denver. I really like my teammates. I didn’t want it to get this far.”

Cutler told Glazer he doesn’t think there is a current favorite for his services but that he will end up in the NFC.  It is believed Denver is considering all offers to move Cutler before the April 25 draft.

Glazer is also reporting the asking price for Cutler will be north of a first and third round pick and that his new team may have to renegotiate his current six-year rookie deal.

Man, can things get any worse for the Denver Broncos?  It’s hard enough to convert a team to a brand new system, as we are starting to see here in Kansas City, but add in a coach that immediately alienates his Pro Bowl quarterback and ultimately forces his owner to move said quarterback.  As I talked about yesterday, if the Broncos get a good haul for Cutler (a first and third would be a great start) they could quickly rebound.  But the damage done here could be well beyond the quarterback position.  How will any of the players go into training camp and trust Josh McDaniels?  The longer this gets drawn out, the better it is for the Chiefs.

200530331-001At, Bob Gretz breaks down the importance of Matt Cassel’s new jersey number.  He tells us about everything from the wonders of the ancient world to the clubs in a deck of tarot cards to steps the Buddha took after birth.

Great take on the number, but where were the gambling references?  Not only dice, but how about all of the slot machines that have 7 plastered all over them.  C’mon, Bob!

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