Around The Web: LJ Looks To Move Forward, Unlikely Leader, Romo Says Cowboys Can’t Lose

Following Chiefs practice yesterday, Larry Johnson was asked to explain his “ego” comments he made after Kansas City lost to the New York Giants.  LJ declined, but as The Kansas City Star’s Adam Teicher reports, he agreed it’s time for the offense to start moving forward.

“I’m looking for us to not make penalties and do the stupid things that we’ve been doing to hurt the offense,” Johnson said.  “We go back and forth and back and forth on the field, and it makes us look like (an amateur) team.  We have to fix those things as an offense.

“We’re just frustrated because it always seems that we’re scoring in the second half.  We could have just put the second half and the first half (together) and you’re looking at 28 points off the bat.  If you can get 28 points or 30 points in a game, you should win the game.  It’s just the frustration that we (shouldn’t) have to do things the last second rather than doing them right off the bat.”

It’s easy for Johnson — or anyone for that matter — to say the offense picks things up in the second half, but you have to factor in teams playing a softer defense as well.  When the Chiefs scored their touchdowns last week the score was 27-3 and 27-9.  You think the Giants defense was putting on the same pressure they were in the first half as they were building the lead up?

We can all agree the offense needs to start moving forward, I’m just not so sure it is going to start happening as soon as we’d all like.

The people the predicted tight end Sean Ryan would be the Chiefs leading receiver after four weeks are probably limited to the Ryan family.  As’s Josh Looney notes, Ryan didn’t even expect to have this kind of impact in the passing game.

“Not at all. It’s funny how things have worked out, but obviously we have to get our passing game going a little bit if I’m our leading receiver.”

So there’s another nice trait about Ryan; the guy has perspective.  He knows that it’s a bit of a double-edged sword when he’s leading the team in receiving.  Sure, the team is more than pleased to get this kind of production out of Ryan, but the leading receiver should be…well…a receiver.

“Throughout my career I’ve kind of been the second tight end type of guy,” Ryan said.  “That’s the guy who kind of does more of the blocking.  I played behind Pro Bowl TE Jason Witten for a while in Dallas and then Chris Baker in New York.  So, obviously the second guy comes in and does a lot of blocking.  That’s a role that I was raised in and I enjoy doing it.  Obviously my role has now changed a little bit here and I’m happy to do it.”

Ryan’s ability to catch the ball has been a pleasant surprise.  At the same time I thought he would be more consistent in the blocking game since as he noted that has always been his role.  Last week he was also flagged for three penalties.  Hopefully as the season progresses — just like the entire offense — he can start putting everything together.

As the Dallas Cowboys prepared to travel to Kansas City to take on the Chiefs, quarterback Tony Romo told reporters that a team like his cannot lose to a team like the Chiefs.

“Any time you’re in a situation we’re in or Kansas City is in, you definitely know you need these games.  This one is as important as they come.  We know that.”

So much for every game being as important as the next.  Romo’s words weren’t as strong as tight end’s Martellus Bennett, who told the Dallas media he “doesn’t see” how the Cowboys could lose to the Chiefs.  The past couple of weeks I’ve wondered if we could see a trap game, but maybe I had wrong type of team.  Both the Eagles and Giants proved they are better than looking past an opponent.  I’m starting to think the Cowboys have already started their bye week.

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