Around The Web: Maualuga Visit, LJ’s Value, New Draft Target

The Kansas City Chiefs will be hosting USC linebacker Rey Maualuga today, according to ProFootballTalk.  While Rey3Mauluga has visited teams picking in the top five like the Rams, 49ers and Browns, he is not viewed as a top ten prospect and could be yet another sign the Chiefs plan on trading the #3 pick.

I’m starting to lose count of the players projected to go in the first round but outside the top 10 that the Chiefs have had in for a workout or interview.  As we’ve talked about before, every General Manager has to cover all of his/her bases and there is every possibility that is all that’s going on here.  Especially since you can only watch the top 5 guys on your draft board workout so many times.  As the draft gets closer my belief that the #3 pick will be moved gets stronger.

Even though Larry Johnson’s agent has said he wants to play for the Chiefs and Todd Haley insists everyone has a clean slate there is still an assumption around the league that the running back will be released.  Clearly, many people are asking why the Chiefs don’t trade LJ to get something in return instead of releasing him and having nothing to show.  But Adam Teicher wonders if Johnson has any trade value at this point.

If he had any value at all of course Kansas City would rather grab an extra pick in the upcoming draft.  There just are so many factors working against Johnson, not the least of which is his age (30 in November) or the wear and tear already on his body.  Not to mention he does not block or catch the ball out of the backfield well.  There is also a big suspension waiting for Johnson if he gets in trouble with the law again.   That doesn’t add up to much trade value.

If I’m Scott Pioli and someone offers me a 7th round pick and some new water bottles for training camp I am personally driving LJ to the airport.  And if you are unable to get value, then release him as soon as possible.  Not just for all the reasons Teicher covered, but I don’t want to give Larry Johnson any more opportunities to taint the young players on this team.

The Chiefs are generally believed to be targeting LB Aaron Curry if they keep the #3 pick, but Carlos Holmes at the orakpo1Dayton Daily News is hearing another name has emerged and it’s DE Brian Orakpo of Texas.  Just like people in the media feel Kansas City is eyeing Curry, the same has been said about the Cleveland Browns and Orakpo.  But league sources are now saying Orakpo might be in play at #3.  Especially with new defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast coming away from Orakpo’s April 1st visit very impressed.

Even though I continue to drive the Aaron Curry bandwagon, I think Orakpo would be a good fit here.  The only thing I really worry about is his durability.  Orakpo has been injured the past two seasons and strained his hamstring at the combine.  He’s a big guy that has always bounced back, so I don’t think he’ll be Brodie Croyle frail but it’s something to be concerned about all the same.

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