Around The Web: More Curry Praise, Pioli Eyes Draft Deals, Giants Claim OT, Medlock Thrills

The praise for Wake Forest linebacker Aaron Curry continues to roll in, but Kent Babb wonders if it will matter when the Chiefs pick this Saturday.curry5

Experts and analysts seem to all concur that Curry is a special talent.  Earlier this week we talked about how former Chiefs coach and current ESPN analyst Herm Edwards feels about Curry.  But the most heaping praise comes from Scouts Inc.’s Todd McShay:

“The safest pick in the draft…  It’s hard to find any glaring weaknesses… A leader.”

McShay also compares Curry to San Francisco’s Patrick Willis and Tennessee’s Keith Bullock.

Curry will be drafted somewhere in the top 10 and most likely in the top five.  But the Chiefs might have a need too pressing to select an outside linebacker, no matter how perfect he appears to be.

Despite most mock drafts still predicting the Chiefs to select Aaron Curry, there seems to be a growing feeling that the pick will either be OT Jason Smith or Eugene Monroe.  Even after Herm tried to turn me off of Curry, to this point I still think he would be the best player any team could take this year.  That said, it’s hard to argue with having bookend tackles for the next decade.

The scenarios for the Chiefs this weekend are still pouring in and last night I broke down what their options are on the heels of Matthew Stafford set to sign with the Lions.  This morning Bob Gretz is talking about the obstacles facing Scott Pioli as he tries to trade out of the No. 3 slot and get picks in return for Tony Gonzalez.

The next 48 hours will decide of Pioli can pull off a deal or two and add more picks by giving up the third selection and Gonzalez.  Pioli has deal-making in his blood.  He was part of it so many times with the Patriots.  They approached draft day trades on two avenues.  If their targeted player was still available, they wanted to make sure they got him and would trade up.  If there wasn’t a player on their list still available at their pick, they would trade down.

Of course, we know nothing for sure on how Pioli views the prospects in this draft or the possibility of trading out of the pick.  The same goes with the Gonzalez situation and whether or not he will deal the veteran tight end who wants to be elsewhere.

One man’s prediction: he gets stuck with the third pick, but does work out a deal for Gonzalez.

The factors that go into trading their top pick and Gonzalez seem to change daily and I have to imagine they will continue that way right up to when the Chiefs are on the clock.  As it stands right this minute, I’m thinking Pioli will find a way to move back with a team that wants a shot at Mark Sanchez and hold onto Gonzalez.  Clearly I’m biased, but an aging TG is worth at least as much as a young Kellen Winslow who has yet to prove anything in this league and he fetched a second round pick for the Browns.  If the best deal for Gonzalez is a third rounder than I cannot see Pioli pulling the trigger.

On Tuesday, the Chiefs put OT Andrew Carnahan on waivers.  Yesterday he was claimed by the the New York Giants, who will bring him into camp to battle for a backup job along their line.  Carnahan was in town for the Chiefs mini-camp last weekend but did not appear in any games last season.

I didn’t think twice about any of the three players Kansas City cut loose Tuesday, but seeing a team like the Giants pick him up is making me reconsider.  It’s one thing when a guy like Will Franklin is claimed by one of only a handful of teams that was worse than the Chiefs last season.  But to see the Giants, a team with a fantastic offensive line, give him a look you have to think he is better than camp fodder.  Some might argue that’s all he’ll be with the Giants, but if that were the case why wouldn’t they just wait to see if he cleared waivers and then took a flier on him via free agency?  It’s not as if he would have passed on the chance to catch on with the G-Men.  New York clearly sees potential in Carnahan.

Former Chiefs kicker Justin Medlock, who recently signed with the Toronto Argonauts, is so impressive in camp he may take the job of former NFL kicker Mike Vanderjagt according to the Toronto Sun.

medlock2The club is high on kicker/punter Justin Medlock after impressing team officials at a free agent camp earlier this month in Florida.  And it’s just as clear that if Vanderjagt holds onto his job, the Argos want more bang for their buck, says GM Adam Rita:

“If Mike is the guy, so be it.  But we want a better performance out of our kicker. We’re not going to hand him the job. We need more consistency.  We hope that when we come out of this, after training camp, that we have a very competitive kicker (whether it’s Vanderjagt or Medlock).”

Medlock was a fifth-round pick of the Kansas City Chiefs in 2007 and won the No. 1 role in his first NFL camp. But after making just one of two field goals in Week 1, Medlock was released. He signed with the St. Louis Rams in February 2008 but was a final cut at camp.

“I know I can do the job,” Medlock said yesterday from Texas, where he was caddying for girlfriend Hannah Jun as she prepared for the Historic Brownsville Open on the LPGA Futures Tour. “I’ve competed against a lot of guys at the NFL (level) so I would not be nervous (going head-to-head with Vanderjagt).”

I’m not sure who I’m more surprised found work, Medlock or Vanderjagt.  I will warn Toronto though, he may have looked good in a workout, but once he gets into a game he’ll act like he’s kicking a 50 lb. ball.  Not that I expected to know a whole lot about the personal life of Justin Medlock, but I feel like I should have known that his wife is a potential LPGA pro.

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