Around The Web: New Defense, Zach Thomas Transition

With the start of the new administration’s first mini-camp also came the process of installing their new defense, reports Adam Teicher at the Kansas City Star.

While coach Todd Haley wouldn’t disclose how the Chiefs lined up defensively during their first practice that was closed to the media, Jarrad Page sure seemed to let out the worst kept secret in the league:

“I don’t know yet who’s going to be the stand-up (rushers) outside, whether they’re getting Tamba (Hali) ready to do that or what. We do have enough athletes that we can have some guys do that. I’m pretty sure we have the guys and we can make it happen.”

The Chiefs have 67 players. Participation at this minicamp is not mandatory under NFL rules. Haley wouldn’t disclose an exact number of players who participated but said the number was more than 60.

Seriously, at this point why not just come out and officially say the team is going to play a 3-4?  As we mentioned earlier, Larry Johnson is in attendance but Tony Gonzalez and Brian Waters are not.  It’ll be interesting to hear from Scott Pioli and Todd Haley next week leading up to the draft and after all of the players that skipped the mini-camp are known in the media.  Could we have a situation where they look to make an example out of someone else the way some think they did with Will Franklin?

New Chiefs linebacker Zach Thomas is playing for the love of the game, but his heart is still in Miami says Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald.

llCurrently staying at a Residence Inn, Thomas and his wife are looking for a place to rent in Kansas City, preferably close to the Chiefs practice facility and furnished.  After all these years, Thomas tells of why he decided to make the move to KC:

”I couldn’t turn the page just yet.  I love to play this game. That might be selfish, I don’t know. Some people are always telling me, `When are you going to stop?’ But I still love to play the game.”

He still very much misses playing for his hometown team and guarantees where his next move will be:

”Oh, when I’m done, I’m back in Miami.”

I love having Thomas on this team and it doesn’t bother me that his heart is still in Miami.  If anything it just proves how much he loves the game and how much we can expect from him on the field this year.  He is the ideal “all go, all the time” type guy for the young guys on the roster to look up to.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if Derrick Johnson doesn’t have a breakout year with guys like Thomas and Mike Vrabel around it is never going to happen for him.

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