Around The Web: No Apologies, Greg Ellis To Chiefs?, Boomer Catches On

Last week the story surrounding Tom Brady was his complete absence from the Patriots workouts due to his knee rehabilitation.  Yesterday, Brady finally returned to football activities and spoke out for the first time at length about his injury and trail back.  SI’s Peter King has a lengthy discussion with Brady in this week’s issue and asked him about Bernard Pollard’s hit.bradyknee1

Brady’s season was ended on Sept. 7th when the helmet of Pollard smashed into his knee on New England’s 15th snap of last season.  Kansas City was blitzing, the hit appeared accidental and was not flagged by the officials.  Brady says he never felt any anger towards Pollard.

“It’s football.  There’s no way he owes me an explanation.”

Good for Brady.  It’s good to see he responded better than the league, which for some reason decided to implement the “Brady Rule”, in which “a defender on the ground who hasn’t been blocked or fouled directly into the quarterback from lunging or diving at the quarterback’s lower legs.”  It’s too bad Pollard was, in fact, partially blocked in Brady’s direction.  Brady could have easily been bitter towards Pollard, especially on the heels of the league playing Mommy for him.

gregellis2Yesterday, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones met with DE Greg Ellis.  Afterwards, Jones said the veteran would be traded or released and that it should happen in the next few days.  Bob Gretz thinks Ellis could end up in Kansas City.

As a vested veteran, Ellis doesn’t have to go through the waiver system so he will be able to decide where he will play in 2009.  That would probably be the best way for the Chiefs to pick him up, rather than through a trade.  Ellis is set to make $4.15 million this year in the final season of his contract.  That would not be a problem for the Chiefs to fit into their cap situation.  And with Dallas on the hook for $1.5 million of that total in guarantees.  The Chiefs could pick him up, Ellis could still get his $4.15 million and it would only cost $3 million.

I’m not sure the Chiefs need to add any more players along their defensive front, but even at the age of 33 Ellis almost had more sacks than the entire Kansas City defense last year (8 to 10).  I want to see Tyson Jackson, Glenn Dorsey and Alex Magee get as many snaps as possible coming off the end this season and having a guy like Ellis around would cut into that playing time.  Though after last year’s historically bad output, I can’t complain too much if they bring in a pure pass rusher like Ellis.

Former Chiefs LB/FB Boomer Grigsby is trying to make the Houston Texans roster as a backup to FB Vota Leach after being out of football for most of 2008.  Grigsby wants to make sure he’s not in that situation again.

“I wanted to come to a team (where) I had a legit opportunity to play.  Houston made it pretty clear to me that it’s been a system that’s kept two. … I hope I can make (Leach) better or compete with him. If I can get on the field, I’m going to get on the field, but it’s also no secret I thought that I’d make a roster covering kicks.”

Grigsby even told the people of Houston how his nickname came to be and stick.

“The day I was born, my grandma named me ‘Boomer’.  I came out wider than I was long, I think I was a little roly-poly-like, and she nicknamed me Boomer.  I think a lot of people grow out of their nickname. I grew more into it. Checks are signed with it, it’s on bank accounts; it’s become who I am, and it’s who I’ll always be. No one in my family has ever called me James.”

Last month when he signed I was just hopeful he would stick long enough to show Houston what he’s made of because once they see how hard he plays it will be tough to cut the guy.  Talk about a player that will run through a wall for the team on every single play.  I still contend Boomer would flourish under the Pioli/Haley regime and who knows, maybe he’ll end up back in Kansas City if things don’t work out with the Texans.

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