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With more than three months of comfort and a few more significant pieces added to the Chiefs’ puzzle, Kansas City can now make it official: The Chiefs plan to run some version of the 3-4 defense in 2009, Coach Todd Haley told Kent Babb.

“We’re going to try variations of it.  We’re not going to force square pegs in round holes.”Chiefs Haley Football

And thus Haley said the Chiefs still cannot declare that the 3-4 will be the team’s exclusive scheme. Haley might like it to be, but with most of the remaining defensive personnel having been drafted or acquired with a four-man front in mind, that requires the Chiefs to ease into the scheme and be creative in how it makes that change.

“There are some variations that make it a little easier to transition into this thing.  I knew right away it was going to be a process. You can’t just say: ‘We’re going to do this.’”

Not that any of us needed more reasons to watch training camp closely, but with this transition now official it will be interesting to see the daily developments.  I really believe it will give the undrafted free agents the team has brought in who are familiar with the 3-4 a leg up entering camp.  And that could very well lead to more UDFAs making the squad than any of us are accustomed to.

Our friends across the pond at The Spoiler have brought to my attention a woman that may give Kelli Croyle and Lauren Cassel a run for their money as hottest Chiefs wife.

Amanda Carraway is a playboy model and the wife of Chiefs linebacker Monty Beisel.  Carraway was crowned Miss Kansas in 1999.  She was also Miss Kansas Teen USA in 1996.

I would post one of the pictures from The Spoiler, but this is a family site!  The Chiefs roster very soon could host it’s own beauty pageant featuring just the wives of players and it would be quite a competition.  Who is your favorite?  I think it’s a tough call.  Yes, it’s still slow in Chiefs land.

Fans of a particular team can (and will) argue all day about who is the biggest fan.  But when it comes to “Super Fans” it’s pretty clear Ty, or X-Factor as he’s known to Chiefs Nation, takes that crown.  Barry from Home of the Chiefs sat down with Ty to talk about everything from his charity work to Toddy Haley to just what being a super fan has meant to him.

“It has been a life changing event that has completely bettered me as a person.  It has so many wonderful positive things associated with it… There is nothing like seeing a kid smile and jump up and down with excitement, just from something you did for them.”

I consider myself a big fan — otherwise why would I have this site? — as I’m sure you do — or you wouldn’t be here either — but it would be hard for any of us to match up with Ty.  Not only does he live and die with the Chiefs like the rest of us, but he has turned his fandom into a 24/7 gig that not only supports the team but the local community as well.

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