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The Chiefs haven’t been known for their strength along the offensive line the past few seasons after years of near dominant line play.  And according to Bill Williamson Kansas City currently only places two linemen in the top twelve in the AFC West.

Tackle Branden Albert comes in at No. 7 right behind the Chargers’ Marcus McNeill.  Slotting right behind Albert at No. 8 is fellow Chief  Brian Waters who is followed by Oakland’s Robert Gallery.

The top five players on the list are Denver tackle Ryan Clady, Chargers center Nick Hardwick and Denver’s tackle Ryan Harris and center Casey Wiegmann and Chargers guard Kris Dielman.

The bottom three players rounding out the list are Raiders guard Cooper Carlisle, Broncos guard Chris Kuper and Raiders tackle Khalif Barnes rounds out the list.

I don’t have any issue with the top of three of the list, but Wiegmann at four?  Sure, plenty of us still wish he were in Kansas City but that doesn’t make him a top five lineman in the division.  Call me biased if you’d like, but I would have no problem slotting Branden Albert that high.  Waters is probably still a little low on the list as well, but considering all of the news around him has been how unhappy he is in Kansas City I wouldn’t expect anyone in the media to show him much love.

I’ve heard a lot of things from Chiefs fans over the past few years, but I can’t remember hearing much of anything positive about the defense.  But Bob Gretz is predicting the fans are going to like this new Chiefs defense.

Based on what they’ve shown during the nine practices that have been open to the media, DC Clancy Pendergast is loading up the kitchen sink with this defense.  This defense is going to be an aggressive group that sometimes lines up in ways that have not been seen by Chiefs fans.

Over the weekend at mini-camp, the Chiefs were in a nickel-type defense where only one player had his hand on the ground for the snap of the ball.  DE Tyson Jackson was in a two-point stance as he stood over the guard.  Five other guys were also standing along the line of scrimmage.  That was seven guys in the immediate grill of the quarterback.  On one play, only four rushed.  On the next it was five.  Cornerbacks are coming off the corner.  Safeties are flying up from the secondary.  Linebackers are on pogo sticks, jumping up and back in various combinations.

On 1st-and-10, the Chiefs are lining up in the 3-4 defense but that might be the only play in a possession where they are in that alignment.  When they got to a nickel, the nose tackle comes out and a cornerback comes in.  That’s when all sorts of things happen.

The big question is will they be blitzing because they want to cause confusion, or will they be blitzing because that’s the only way they can get to the quarterback?

That last point could be the most interesting of all.  Last season, as we all know by now, the Chiefs were historically bad recording only 10 sacks.  If the defensive line doesn’t make marked improvements this season, will the corners live on an island for most plays again?  You can only survive playing that way for so long and as we saw last season it gets ugly quickly.  With that being said, I look forward to seeing a defense that shifts and moves around just as much as the offense did under Al Saunders.

The Kansas City Chiefs and the state of Missouri were said to be very close to a deal last week that would finally officially move the Chiefs training camp to Missouri Western State University.  But the St. Joseph-News Press is reporting a delay in the project.

The two sides met via conference call last Thursday in an attempt to work out the final sticking points.  They were said to be only $100,000 apart on financing for the proposed on-campus, indoor practice facility that would bring the Chiefs training camp to St. Joseph, MO.

Western has delayed the opening construction bids for the project from June 11 to June 16.  The university still plans to break ground on the facility July 1st, but Western officials have said they will not have any comment on the process until the sides reach an official agreement.

Western has delayed opening construction bids for the project from June 11 to June 16. The university still plans to break ground on the facility on July 1, but Western officials won’t have any more comment on the process until the sides reach an official agreement.Moving bids back a few days shouldn’t be anything to really worry about right now.  If the university all of a sudden pushes back the date to break ground, that’s when we will know if a deal truly is all but done.  Right now people around the Chiefs and MWSU are all privately saying that they just need to dot the i’s and cross the t’s and while I still believe that to be the case, we need to keep an eye on July 1.

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