Around The Web: Patton Waits, Scary Falcons, Losing TG Benefits Chiefs

Chase Patton is left to wait again after completing his second NFL tryout, a three day rookie mini-camp at the Truman chasepatton3Sports Complex.

Just as he did after participating in a similar camp with Chicago the previous weekend, all the former backup Missouri quarterback  Patton can do is hope he did enough to earn a ticket to training camp.

“I feel like I’ve done all I can do.  Obviously, there are things I could have done better. They put a lot on our plates, and what I tried to show them is that when I made a mental mistake or a physical mistake, that I could bounce back and make a play the next play.  It’s all been football talk so far. There really hasn’t been any of that kind of talk about what might happen next. I haven’t heard anything from them. I didn’t hear from them to begin with until Tuesday that I was even going to be here, so I have no idea at this point. Hopefully, some good will come from it.”

It was Patton’s luck for the second straight week to be trying out for a team that recently acquired a starting quarterback.  The Chiefs traded for Cassel last winter, and the Bears recently acquired Jay Cutler from Denver.

“I have a lot against me. I have a lot to prove to people because I didn’t play a lot in college. I don’t have a lot of experience, so I have to show people I can compete, that I can pick stuff up and have the talent to do what it takes to play in the NFL. One of the things I tried to do out here was not press too much and try to do too much because that’s when you start making mistakes. I’ve just tried to show them I have the ability to play in this league.”

If it were up to me, I would carry Patton as the third quarterback behind Cassel and Tyler Thigpen.  At the very least I would extend an invitation to training camp and let him compete for that third spot.  There is obviously nothing for Brodie Croyle in Kansas City anymore and Ingle Martin is nothing more than a career backup.  Sure, Patton might not even end being a career backup, but lets find out what kind of potential he has instead of holding onto Croyle or Martin who we all know aren’t starters in this league.

With receivers Roddy White and Michael Jenkins and running backs Michael Turner and Jerious Norwood playing behind Matt Ryan, the Falcons offense is downright scary with the addition of Tony Gonzalez, says Pete Prisco at

Ryan and Gonzalez have already formed a bond on the field.  They look like a pass-catching combo that has been around for years and Gonzalez shoots plenty of admiration at Ryan.

“I’ve never been with a guy like that, never.  The way he throws the ball, his leadership qualities.  They’re special.  I’ve been around a long time played with some good quarterbacks, but he’s got it.”

The transition hasn’t been all rosy for Gonzalez.  How could it be when you leave behind the only team you’ve ever known?  Wanting out was a tough decision for him.  The Chiefs were special to him, but they were also coming off a losing season and they’re in rebuilding mode with a new coach and general manager.  Sure Gonzalez could have been back in a Chiefs uniform catching 95 passes again, but he wanted more.

“When you have two or three years left, I want to go out on top.  I want to win a Super Bowl.  I’ve never won a playoff game.  Everybody knows that.  I don’t want to be one of those guys who goes down in history as a great player who didn’t win a playoff game.”

I agree with Prisco that the Atlanta offense will be amazing with Gonzalez opening up the door for everyone else already in place.  Without TG, Ryan would be a prime candidate for a sophomore slump but now he should be as solid a quarterback as there is in the league.  And as I’ve said plenty of times before, I think the Chiefs will be fine going forward but people would be wise to keep an eye on Gonzalez possibly making a return to Kansas City in three years.

Speaking of Gonzalez, could losing him benefit the Kansas City Chiefs?  Craig Brown at Bleacher Report sure thinks so.

It has been 10 years since a dominant running back and top-tier tight end have paired to win a Super Bowl, with Terrell Davis and Shannon Sharpe in Denver being the last.  Today’s offensive game is about spreading the field and exploiting matchups.  The Chiefs idea of exploiting a matchup has been relegated to numerous pre-snap shifts in order to get a linebacker covering Tony Gonzalez.  They could always get a 12-yard completion out of that.

Teams have game planned the Chiefs like a 1-A high school team running the wishbone.  They clog the middle of the field with safeties and linebackers inside the hashes.  No wonder it always looks as if we’re playing 11 on 12.  The Pioli way in New England and the Haley way in Arizona has been a game built around the perimeter.  They unclog the field and allow their playmakers to have an impact on the game.

Again, the Chiefs will be fine going forward, but I think it’s a bit much to say the team will benefit immediately.  The tight end is not featured in Haley’s system, but Gonzalez could thrive in any type of offense.  There’s no reason to think that he couldn’t have been one of those playmakers that the field was unclogged for to have an impact on the game.  Either way, the discussion ends for good now since both teams are well into life post-trade with mini-camps already underway.

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