Around The Web: Pioli On Jackson, Barth “Shocked”, Taurus Johnson Talks Chip

Following his interview with an ESPN affiliate in the Northeast, Chiefs General Manager Scott Pioli called in to 610am in Kansas City.  Chris at Arrohwead Pride has the notes, including Pioli’s non-commital statement on first round pick Tyson Jackson.

With training camp just days away, Pioli was asked if he could shed some light on Tyson Jackson’s contract ScottPioli2negotiations.

“I never get into talking about contract negotiations.  It’s a philosophy that I don’t feel it’s appropriate to talk about someone else’s personal and financial business.

The bottom line is that our first practice is this weekend and we’re hoping he’ll be there.  We’re counting on him being there, we hope he’s there.  And we’re continuing to talk as of this moment.”

As I said yesterday, only recently did I start to feel Jackson would miss the beginning of camp.  I figured the defense had so much work to do that there’s no way Pioli would allow his first pick to get behind in the program.  But there’s no way he is going to bring Jackson into camp until he finds “the right number”, no matter how long it takes.

The Kansas City Chiefs parted ways with K Connor Barth yesterday.  And while it’s never easy for a player to get cut, Barth’s situation was worse than most, as he was on his way to training camp.

Connor Barth was on his way out the door of his parents’ Wilmington, NC home, headed to the airport to catch a flight to Kansas City for his second NFL training camp, when his cell phone rang.  Bad news was on the other end.  It was Chiefs head coach Todd Haley calling.

“I was shocked,” Barth said a few hours later.  The Wilmington native was told by the club they wanted to get a good look at their 7th round draft pick Ryan Succop, and felt that having Barth in camp would not help Succop’s progress.

Barth said his agent has already made calls to some teams, and hopes to eventually catch on with a club.

I figured there’s no way Succop would be in camp unchallenged as a rookie, but that appears to be the case according to what Haley told Barth on the phone.  And with the Chiefs only allowed to bring 80 players to camp, it makes sense to get a longer look at an extra linebacker or wide receiver than a second kicker when you believe you can sign a veteran off the street that is just as good if the need arises.

Speaking of extra wide receivers, undrafted free agent Taurus Johnson is hoping to open some eyes at Kansas City Chiefs training camp.

“I’m going in right now focused on getting better and getting the playbook down.  I’m going in there with a chip on my shoulder.”

There are eight other receivers on the Chiefs’ roster: Terrance Copper, Rodney Wright, Quinten Lawrence, Jeff Webb, Devard Darling, Mark Bradley, Bobby Engram and Dwayne Bowe, who ranks as the best on the team.

Johnson says he knows he will have to excel on special teams in addition to being a receiver.

“I told them I’ll be one of the guys getting their hands dirty”.

There are at least a couple of people that will come out of nowhere to make this team and I’m taking Johnson as my early pick on offense and LB Pierre Walters on defense.  Johnson knows he’ll have to make quite an impression if he’s going to catch on and it’s great to hear him talk so openly about getting the job done on special teams.  Only a couple more days until the games officially begin…

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