Around The Web: Pioli On TG, Matt Man-Love, Free Agency, Russell or Cassel

According to Scott Pioli, via Adam Teicher at the Kansas City Star, Tony Gonzalez “has not indicated to me that he wants to be traded…I’ve not made or fielded any call regarding Tony Gonzalez.”

The Associated Press can run all the stories they want quoting “sources”, but we’ve now heard directly from both the owner and general manager that Gonzalez will not be moved.  Not that I expect someone like Pioli to go around saying what he will or will not do, but he could have been non-committal and left the door open.  I think it’s safe to say we will see TG at Arrowhead next season.PATRIOTS MINI CAMP FOOTBALL

If you stop by homeofthechiefs, Barry professes his deep confidence (man-love?) in Matt Cassel.

I’ve already been sent dozens of emails from fans that are super excited about the Pioli-Haley-Cassel era, but they all pale in comparison to Barry.  Even if you do not post at homeofthechiefs (you should), make sure you check out Barry’s blog because the glass is always half full… and full of crazy.

Speaking of Cassel, Arrowhead Pride takes a quick look at the differences between he and Oakland Raiders QB JaMarcus Russell.

Yes, other than 200 lbs there are clear differences between the two young signal callers.  Not the least of which is Cassel’s desire to prove himself even after a very successful first year as a starting quarterback.

During Teicher’s time with Pioli, he also found out why the Chiefs have not used their huge amount of cap space to make a splash in free agency.  When in doubt, quote your parents:

“Here’s a rule I learned from my mother and father when I was a kid: Just because you have money in your pocket doesn’t mean you have to spend it.  Whether you have a lot or a little, always spend it wisely.”

It’s been frustrating not getting a lot of information out of Arrowhead, but when Pioli or Todd Haley do interviews I love what I hear.  There was no financial reason the Chiefs could not have signed one of the “big names” out there, but with no one player putting this team over the top there was no reason to spend money for the sake of spending.  The proof will be in the pudding, but so far these two guys are sending out all the right signals.

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