Around The Web: Pioli Still Working, Personnel Maniac, Herm Plays Palin, Chiefs Draft Fan

As Adam Teicher at the Kansas City Star reports, Scott Pioli was able to fill some needs in his first draft.pioli3

Pioli covered a lot of ground.  He added a couple of versatile linemen as they transition to the 3-4 defense, a nickel-back candidate, a kick-return specialist, a kicker and some developmental players.  But Pioli said the team was far from done:

“We’ve started — and there’s a lot more ground to cover. As it stands today, we’re not done improving this football team. There are going to be a lot of things that happen with other teams and other people. There are going to be a lot of other opportunities. There are some people out there who were maybe free agents and it gets to about two weeks before the draft and some of the veteran free agents want to stop and settle down and see what’s going on and see what teams are going to draft and see where they think their opportunities may be the best.”

All of the undrafted free agent names are still coming in slowly, but more interesting to me will be the veteran free agents that he talked about.  Will linebacker Leroy Hill be among that group?  Seattle removed the franchise tag from him once they drafted Aaron Curry on Saturday.  Hill is 26 and had 84 tackles while missing the final four games of the season with a pinched nerve in his neck.

There are draft grades being handed out left and right today, but don’t expect to see one from Bob Gretz as he doesn’t believe in them.  But he is now sure that Scott Pioli is a personnel maniac.

maniac1Who trades into the bottom of the seventh round because he just has to have a tight end-fullback type from Miami of Ohio? That’s what the Chiefs GM did, working a swap with the Dolphins and giving up the Chiefs seventh-round pick next year for No. 237 this year. Pioli drafted Jake O’Connell, who near as anyone could find started just three games during a four-year college career. That’s reaching deep into the draft pot!

It’s funny, I’m not on a Mel Kiper or Mike Mayock level but I like to think of myself as someone that is pretty well informed going into the draft.  Not only had I never heard of Jake O’Connell, but it was hard finding any information on him. At first, I wondered why the Chiefs didn’t select Cameron Morrah from Cal, but now I’m excited about this kid.  Because if Pioli is trading back into the seventh round for him then there has to be something there.  Right?

Herman Edwards served as a draft analyst for ESPN this weekend and Jason Whitlock has a rather unflattering review this morning, even comparing him to former VP nominee Sarah Palin.

Edwards, the rookie ESPN analyst and fondly regarded as the Human Sound Bite as an NFL head coach, turned in a disastrous and distracting performance during the two-day NFL draft.

Herm spent two days on air making damn sure he didn’t offer one opinion that could potentially put him at odds with an NFL owner, general manager or remotely talented player. Edwards isn’t the first former coach to hit the television airwaves determined to pick up an easy paycheck and protect his future coaching prospects.

I think this might kill me, but I think I have to defend Edwards here.  Sure, he made me sick to my stomach but it was more the awful memories of the past three seasons than anything he said on the broadcast.  Outside of Herm trying to give advice on how to handle troubled players (Hello, Larry Johnson) I thought he had a very respectable rookie perormance.  Trust me, Herm has to know that his future is on ESPN and not on the sidelines so there is no reason for him to hold anything back.

When the Kansas City Chiefs selected Missouri OT Colin Brown in the fifth round, they added a longtime Chiefs fan to the roster.

Sunday was the day Brown’s football future would be decided and he wasn’t concerned about where, but if, he might be drafted.  the time for hoping he could play for the team he grew up rooting for, th eChiefs, had come and gone.

So it was beyond his wildest dreams in the fifth round of the NFL draft when Brown answered his phone at home in Barymer, Mo. and Chiefs coach Todd Haley was on the other end.  The lifelong Chiefs fan will now be playing for his favorite team and he couldn’t be happier:

“This is a dream come true.  The fact I’m getting to stay at home and play for the Chiefs is unbelievable. I remember watching the entrance (the players) used to have and thinking how cool that would be to get to do that. It will be an awesome feeling. I don’t even know how to describe it.”

Yesterday I described Brown as “huge”, but I don’t think that term is doing him justice.  When you think that he will be the heaviest offensive lineman by 15 pounds, then you probably have to call him “gigantic”.  The Chiefs badly need a right tackle to emerge at some point this season and if Haley can help Brown put it all together they could have a steal on their hands.

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