Around The Web: Players On Haley, Trade Scenario, Garcia To AFC West

As we talked about last week, the one thing that Todd Haley has been trying to convey is everyone has a clean state.  This morning Bob Gretz has some great quotes from Chiefs players that are buying in to the program early on.  The Chiefs Haley Footballbest way to build a new foundation is for everyone to be on the same page as they move away from last season and according to Brandon Flowers it’s working:

“I don’t think it’s like we are supposed to forget what happened last year.  I think it’s about not letting it get in our way as we get ready for this year. Everything is new, so there’s no reason to hold onto the past.”

And in what could be one of the biggest departures from Herm Edwards, according to Bobby Engram,other than everyone having a clean slate Haley let it be known each player is on equal ground:

“I think that Todd did a good job the other day in the team meeting of stating, ‘I don’t care if you are a draft pick, I don’t care whether you are a free agent, I don’t care what your situation is or how you got into this room, you are a Kansas City Chief now and our number one goal is to win games and the only way we can do that is together.'”

The message was loud and clear that there is no going backwards this season.

Clearly we need to see Haley and Pioli follow through with this message of “all for one and one for all” but they are certainly convincing in the early going.  And while I don’t expect players like Flowers and Engram to come out and rip the new administration the way Brian Waters did, they also could have not said anything at all.

To trade or not to trade, that is the question.  And the folks over at Arrowhead Pride just might have the answer.  Could the Broncos looking for a quarterback and Giants need of a wide reciever help the Chiefs acquire extra picks and fill their own multiple needs?  The Broncos have the two first round picks to work with and New York has a total of 10 they could ship out to move up into the top half of the first round.

I have no doubt the Chiefs will be big time dealers on draft day.  Besides Pioli’s past activity, we all know the Chiefs still have a lot of holes to fill and will have trouble addressing those needs by sitting on their hands from the top of the first round until day 2.  And as we get closer to the draft the more I believe the #3 pick will be moved.

It sure looks like the Jeff Garcia train is about to arrive in Oakland.  The Press Democrat is reporting the Raiders and Garcia are on the verge of a deal that would bring the 39-year-old in to back up JaMarcus Russell.  Garcia has playedgarcia1 for five NFL teams over the past six seasons.

Garcia’s final game with Tampa Bay was a 31-24 upset home loss to the Raiders.

Anyone that thinks Garcia will be Oakland’s starter by week 5, please raise your hand.  We’ve heard the same story several times where Garcia will come in and backup (enter name of QB) and then he ends up not only starting but playing well.  I’d much rather face Russell than Garcia when the first Raiders/Chiefs game comes rolling around.

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