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Any talk of a holdout from Chiefs training camp has been surrounding first round pick Tyson Jackson while he remains unsigned.  But is it possible that new head coach Todd Haley will have to deal with a different player potentially holdingwaters2 out?  FOX Sports seems to think it could be Brian Waters.

The Chiefs’ long-time guard has not been a happy camper this offseason.  All the recent losing doesn’t help, and neither do reports of an acrimonious meeting with new head coach Todd Haley, after which, Waters reportedly asked to be traded.  The root of the problem, as always, is money, and since he’s the best O-lineman in K.C. he can forget about getting quotes from moving companies.

I never thought money was the main issue here — and I still don’t — but it would be interesting if Waters’ attitude changed with a contract extension.  The bottom line is that Waters wanted to be treated by the new regime like a special player, instead of simply being 1 of 53 (and as Pioli was happy to point out anyone off the street could have won two games last season).  I fully expect Waters to show up to training camp carrying around the same surly attitude he brought to the mandatory mini-camp.  For his sake hopefully he’s in shape this time around.

Between Brett Favre (probably) in Minnesota, Jay Cutler (thankfully) in Chicago and T.O. in Buffalo there are plenty of juicy training camp stories to follow over the next month.  Kent Summers from the Arizona Republic thinks the Chiefs belong in the same group as those teams.

Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt once referred to offensive coordinator Todd Haley as an equal opportunity offender.  Haley never considered salary, draft status, eye color or stature when choosing to rip a player.  This made practices entertaining and interviews enlightening.  Now that Haley is the head coachof the Chiefs, things should be even more fun.

Haley is brash, emotional and won’t spare anyone’s feelings if there is a point to be made.  He is sure to cross the line at times, and some of the Chiefs veterans might not like it.  But Haley is taking over a team that needs a kick in the rear, and he isn’t afraid to leave a Reebok imprint.

During OTAs Haley wasn’t quite the non-stop fire breather that we were told he would be.  Tough?  Absolutely.  But he was far from being an unrelenting drill sergeant.  Could he turn up the heat now that the season is in the near future?  I know one thing, it’s going to be fun to watch.

It’s been quite the pastime this offseason trying to predict how many wins the Kansas City Chiefs will end up with this season.  After only winning 2 games last year, how much could the team improve?  Bill Williamson was asked just that question in an chat.

I think the Chiefs will win 4-6 games this year.  It’s not much, but it is progress considering the Chiefs won six games total in the past two years combined.

There’s no way to know how the season will shake out (“Any Given Sunday”, after all!) but when you look at the Chiefs schedule right now, it’s hard to find more than 6 games you can feel comfortable putting in the ‘W’ column.  That being said, lets say they win all of those and pick off two of the tougher teams and get to 8 wins.  I think that’s sill on the high side, but if somehow they can pull that off, Todd Haley and Scott Pioli should be given 10 year extensions.

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