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Pioli has a plan and isn’t afraid to make moves says Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star.pioli4

From the drafting of a college backup QB named Matt Cassel to a daring deal for a moody WR in Randy Moss to Thursday’s trade of Tony Gonzalez, Scott Pioli’s approach to player moves can be summed up in one word: bold.  That’s something to remember as Pioli, formerly the top personnel assistant to Bill Belilchick at New England, embards today on his first draft as Chiefs general manager.  The Chiefs draft probably won’t go as anyone outside the tight circule of team officials predicts.

Mike Mayock of the NFL Network likes what has been going on in New England in recent years:

“The Patriots really don’t care what other people think.  They define value as players that are going to help them. What the Patriots have done better than 90 percent of the teams is define what is value for them, their scheme.”

Don’t worry I have no interest in continuing my campaign for Aaron Curry and instead I’m sitting here expecting the unexpected.  A trade, drafting the “hot” name in LSU’s Tyson Jackson or pulling out a name no one would place in the top 10 let alone the top 3.  Currently the Chiefs only have one pick — #3 — on this first day of the draft and if by the time we all wrapping up for the day at 9pm tonight I will be shocked.

Bob Gretz, as he always does, will give you some great info to chew on while you prepare for the draft.  As we talk about the unexpected here, he trys to tackle what we can expect from GM Scott Pioli.

Pioli will enter the draft with a list of names that he wants to draft, first round through seventh round.  The draft board is the draft board, but that will provide Pioli a place to fall when one of his players is taken off the list by another team.  The Patriots didn’t just allow the draft board to lead them to picks.  They identified the players they wanted and then did what they could to make sure they got them.  If that meant trading up, they traded up.  If their chosen player in that round was unavailable, they traded down and picked up selections to refill their basket for moving up.

The only thing I worry about when it comes to Pioli doing things “The Patriot Way” is if the plan revolves around the team trading out of the No. 3 slot.  Not only is a top pick nearly impossible to trade most years, but with the current economic situation it’s even harder.  So while Pioli will no doubt use the 2010 second round pick he received for Tony Gonzalez as a way to get into this year’s second round, it will be interesting to see how much magic he can work without moving the top pick.

dorsey1Another rumor that is still bouncing around a couple hours before the draft is the Chiefs trading second year DT Glenn Dorsey to the Falcons.  In return, Kansas City would get the Falcons’ first (No. 24) and third (No. 90) round picks.

Well, this scenario would certainly give Pioli the tools he needs to work with and would answer my question how he could get things done without trading the No. 3 pick.  It would be quite the fall in value for Dorsey after being taken with the fifth overall selection in last year’s draft, but if he doesn’t fit then there is no reason to keep him around just because of how he got to Kansas City in the first place.

Let’s get ready to Draft!

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