Around The Web: Pulling A Minnesota, Curry To Broncos, Adenhart Tragedy Hits Hard

If the Kansas City Chiefs decide to draft Aaron Curry does that mean they are drafting scared?  Adam at Arrowhead Addict seems to think that’s the case.  Because last season the Chiefs set an all-time NFL low with only 13 sacks then hired a first time coach who has made his name in the league as an offensive coordinator that leaned heavily on two Pro Bowl receivers.  Those two factors alone should push Scott Pioli to pick a pass rusher or a wide receiver with the No. 3 pick but all signs are pointing to Aaron Curry, the “safe” pick.

If the Chiefs refuse to draft Michael Crabtree of Texas Tech or Brian Orakpo of Texas then the Chiefs should “pull a Minnesota” and let other teams leapfrog them on draft day.  It just is not worth it to invest all that money on Curry, who was not used to rush the passer at Wake Forest.  Even though next season is uncapped, it will still be for the Chiefs because Clark Hunt’s pockets aren’t that deep meaning getting value now is that much more important.

I love the enthusiasm but Adam and I are on opposite sides of the “draft for need” arguement.  I just want the best player available  and believe that will end up being Aaron Curry if the Chiefs stay at #3.  While I know he’s trying to make a point, the Chiefs are done being a laughingstock and thus will not let any team jump ahead of them on draft day.  If we were talking Carl Peterson and Herm Edwards I might put the possibility at 1%, but I won’t even joke about it with Pioli and Todd Haley.  If the NFL ends up playing any season uncapped, I think the Chiefs will be able to spend plenty of money this season and beyond.  Certainly not Daniel Snyder type of cash, but I’ve seen no indication that the Hunt family is all of a sudden hurting financially.  I don’t think the league will actually ever get to an uncapped year, but that’s a different discussion for a different day.

Speaking of Curry, with talk of the Chiefs possibly trading down there is a discussion at Mile High Report about the Broncos  being the trade partner so they can grab Curry.

Interesting… This is the first time I’ve seen anything about the Broncos trading up without Mark Sanchez’s name attached.  There are a lot of fans on both side of this rivalry that would not deal with the Broncos, but if the Chiefs can pick up two picks in the first round and anohter in the later rounds I would sign on for that right now.  If it helps Kansas City heal the wounds from the past few seasons, does it matter where that help comes from?

And finally today, a moving article from Joe Posnanski on the Nick Adenhart tragedy and how it stirred up memories of other athletes that died young including the great Derrick Thomas.

Just an awful, awful story.  It’s sad anytime a person dies young, but when it’s the result of some idiot drunk driver the tragedy hits that much harder.  For more information on helping prevent drunk driving, visit MADD.

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  1. They are not scared. It would be a good choice for the long term

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