Around The Web: Shuffling The Deck, Kansas City-Miami Express, Bradshaw Over Jacobs

Does it seem like every player that was signed or drafted under Herm Edwards has already been sent out of town?  As Bob Gretz notes, that isn’t far from the truth.

What does all this coming and going accomplish?  So far, not much based on the team’s record.  Pioli has talked about the number of players he inherited who have been removed from the roster and only a few have since found work in the NFL.  Right now that number of players who were on the active roster-injured reserve-practice squad when Pioli took over and are now gone is 32.  Only six are on NFL active rosters right now.

But pruning the roster of another administration’s players is only important if the spots opened up are filled by more talented, more accomplished and more productive players.  That type of improvement has not been visible.  There are four new starters on defense (Tyson Jackson, Mike Vrabel, Corey Mays and Mike Brown), five new starters on offense (Bobby Wade, Mike Goff, Sean Ryan, Ryan O’Callaghan and Matt Cassel) and one new starter in the kicking game (Ryan Succop.)

Of those 10 starters, Vrabel and Cassel would be the only two who have a hammer lock on being in the opening lineup.  Mays could find himself replaced this week by rookie Jovan Belcher.  The addition of Pope puts Ryan’s status as a starter in jeopardy.

When you look at how many of the players cut by Pioli are still looking for work it gives you an idea of just how far the franchise still has to go.  It’s not like he was replacing legitimate NFL starters with superstars.  Edwards and Carl Peterson left the roster on the brink of being a UFL team.  Bringing it back will take a lot of days like yesterday between now and training camp 2010.

Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli and his father-in-law Bill Parcells have made three trades in the past five months, sending multiple players and picks on the Kansas City-Miami shuttle.

The first trade was on draft day, when the Dolphins traded a 7th round pick for a 7th rounder in 2010.  The second swap was during training camp, when Miami shipped backup offensive linemen Andy Alleman and Ike Ndukwe to Kansas City for an undisclosed 2010 draft choice.  Finally, yesterday the Chiefs sent backup quarterback Tyler Thigpen to the Dolphins for an undisclosed pick.

There are a lot of moving parts to keep up with here.  I wonder if the Thigpen pick is conditional and depending on his playing time could not only affect the round of that pick but maybe could return one of the selections already traded to the Dolphins.

Pioli will already have an extra second round pick next year because of the Tony Gonzalez trade and with — presumably — high picks of his own to deal with, we could finally see the kind of movement out of the Chiefs on draft day that most of us expected this past April.

When the Giants come to Arrowhead, they will bring with them a nasty 1-2 punch in the running game.  There are some people in New York that think Ahmad Bradshaw is now the 1 in that punch.

Brandon Jacobs is still the starter, but through the first three games, Bradshaw has been far more effective.  He comes in earlier, gets the ball in more important situations and creates more of his own yardage.  He’s not just taking advantage of a tired defense sitting on its heels anymore.

Jacobs has always been more of a battering ram, although his effectiveness in that role was called into question by Fox’s Tony Siragusa, who said during Sunday’s broadcast (and in a next-day interview on ESPN radio) that Jacobs seems to be been tiptoeing to the line of scrimmage.  Tom Coughlin disagreed with that assessment, but seven months after Jacobs signed a four-year, $25 million extension, he hasn’t looked as explosive as he has in the past, and his numbers (58 carries for 196 yards) seem to back that up.  So does the fact that he has converted just four of his 10 short-yardage runs through three games.

Bradshaw, meanwhile, is doing more with less – 35 carries for 201 yards.  That includes an impressive 7.4 yards per carry in Tampa Bay.

And Bradshaw is doing it in Jacobs-like fashion.  Though only 5-9, 198, he’s more like Jacobs than most think.  He likes going between the tackles, and loves to lower his shoulder into a linebacker and deliver a bigger-than-expected hit.

“I just love the contact,” Bradshaw said.  “Coming from high school and playing defense (he was a star cornerback prospect), I just love being able to give the lick.”

A big money running back that no longer runs with the same type of intensity or efficiency?  Hmmm, what sounds awfully familiar, doesn’t it?

The same way the Giants are giving more touches to Bradshaw, the Chiefs need to get Jamaal Charles more involved in their offense.  I’m not saying Larry Johnson is done, but he clearly isn’t the same player and this week Todd Haley will get a look at how he should properly use his two running backs.

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