Around The Web: Summer Vacation Comes Early, Bids Open For New Training Camp, Succop Talks Irrelevant

Yesterday, Kansas City Chiefs coach Todd Haley decided to end practice two days earlier than planned.  The only question that remained was if the team needed those extra practices to pick up the new systems being installed.Haley10

From a new quarterback to a gutted and remodeled defense, the Chiefs remain in a state of flux.  So much so that on Monday, center Rudy Niswanger was looking forward to the practice time.

“We really need every rep and every moment that we can get together to pull this thing together.”

A day later, Niswanger did not complain about the early dismissal.  While he didn’t back off the notion the Chiefs have more work to do before they’re comfortable working together, he had no issues with Haley’s decision.

“All of us fully believe in what coach Haley wants us to do.  If he thinks this is what’s best for us, then that’s what is best for us.”

Meanwhile, Bob Gretz wonders how much of the Haley’s reputation has actually been earned.

Haley and his staff threw the players a bone.  But wasn’t Haley supposed to be a guy who beat his players over the head with a bone, or something harder?  That’s the picture that’s been painted by many in the media.  And it certainly wasn’t a portrayal that Haley was going to fight because it played into what he was trying to get done with this team in this off-season.  And that was very simply this: change the attitudes of players who were coming off two seasons where they won six of 32 games.

That meant he had to be loud and proud and profane and he had to get into the grill of quite a few players.  Changes had to be made.  Attention had to be gained.  Most guys got the point.  Those that did not (Will Franklin) are elsewhere or (Brian Waters) still pouting.

Was the tough guy stuff an act? Just who is the real Todd Haley?  Good coaches can have a lot of different faces.  What does not change for them are the football principles they believe in.  So if players follow the plan, do what their told and complete the assigned tasks, that supposedly mean and grumpy coach will have a smile on his face and days off in his back pocket.

As I said yesterday, I love the way Haley has handled things from the minute he was hired.  There’s nothing wrong with finding the happy medium between disciplinarian coach and player’s coach.  When your team does things the way they are supposed to be done, reward them.  And if they don’t, then you run them until they get the point.  If you run your players ragged even after they do things how you want them done, all you’re doing is wearing them down for no reason.

As the Kansas City Chiefs and sate of Missouri attempt to finalize a deal that will bring the team’s training camp to St. Joseph, Missouri, Missouri Western State University is proceeding as if the deal is done.  MWSU started taking bids yesterday for the construction of the training camp site.

Fourteen contractors submitted bids Tuesday to build the future indoor practice facility for the Kansas City Chiefs, with a low base bid coming in at $9.3 million from Crossland Construction, whose corporate offices are in Columbus, Kan.  Western officials say the numbers look consistent with building costs, which were estimated at $11.7 million. Total project costs, which would include furnishings and other items, is estimated at $13.7 million.

The Chiefs have yet to ink a deal to move their summer training camp from River Falls, Wis., to St. Joseph, but Dave Williams, athletic director at Western, said the talks are “coming along fine.”  He wouldn’t speculate when he thought an agreement would be reached.

Ellison Auxier Architects have designed several buildings on the Western campus, including the Chiefs’ practice facility.  Ron Ellison, lead architect for the project, said he’d never seen as many bids submitted as he has for the current project.

Construction could begin as soon as July 1.

Review that last line one more time: Construction could begin as soon as July 1.  For the longest time we’ve been told that ground would break on the 1st and now with a deal still not signed, it sounds like that date could be pushed back.  I still believe the deal will get done, I just wish the politicians involved would stop dragging their feet so the University can move forward without worrying about the deal falling through.

As we told you yesterday, Ryan Succop is on his way to California for Mr. Irrelevant Week.  Succop, as the last man picked in April’s draft, will be celebrated starting Monday in Newport Beach.

Succop will be bringing his family — parents and both sisters — along with his girlfriend and one of his best friends.

“I’m really excited.  It’s been hyped up and I’m pumped about it.  I’m really looking forward to it.  I’m trying to make the most of it and see what lies ahead.”

Succop will be the main attraction at the All-Star Lowsman Banquet June 24 at the Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa.  There he’ll be presented the Lowsman Trophy.  Think the Heisman Trophy in a bizarro world.  The Lowsman Trophy has a football player fumbling the ball.

Once again, have a good time next week Ryan, but take good care of that right leg of yours.

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