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The reaction to yesterday’s trade of Tony Gonzalez to the Atlanta Falcons has been wide ranging:tg7

Jason Whitlock does not believe the Gonzalez trade is a white flag on the 2009 season.

Pioli and Haley weren’t raised to rebuild.  Their upbringing and egos dictate immediate building and instant gratification.  They’ll be disappointed if the Chiefs miss the playoffs.  They traded Gonzalez simply because Atlanta made an offer that couldn’t be refused.  Christmas came very early at Arrowhead Stadium.

I laugh at people that think this trade throws away the upcoming season.  Really?  Before the draft has started or there has been one “mandatory” practice you think the season is over?  Try not to jump the gun just yet.  Whitlock is a little ahead of himself thinking this means Anquan Boldin or Julius Peppers is coming and he’s still pressing the idea that Pioli needs to bow at the feet of Brian Waters, but otherwise we’re on the same page.

Meanwhile Bill Williamson thinks the Chiefs will regret trading away TG.

It just doesn’t make sense that Kansas City has to wait until next year to get compensation for Gonzalez.  The Chiefs need plenty of help now.  They could use another quality rookie.  They could still use Gonzalez as well.  He was brilliant last season and he had one of his better seasons with 96 catches.

Brilliant?  As I’ve said before, TG is second only to Derrick Thomas as far as my favorite Chiefs go, but brilliant?  How brilliant could any player be when their team goes 2-14.  Could the Chiefs end up regretting this move?  Absolutely.  It’s way too early for anyone to know for sure since we don’t know the whole story yet.  Is the 2010 pick going to be turned into a 2009 pick?  Or maybe another veteran?  Until everything shakes out you cannot properly grade this trade for the Chiefs.

tg8Joe Posnanski takes a look back at the amazing career or Tony Gonzalez and thinks this trade was inevitable and shouldn’t tarnish his Chiefs legacy.

There isn’t much sentimentality in pro football.  Jerry Rice finished his career with the Seattle Seahawks.  John Unitas threw his last pass for the Chargers.  Emmitt Smith gained his last yards for the Cardinals.  Reggie White made his last sack for the Carolina Panthers.

And so Gonzalez, the greatest pass-catching tight end in history, will probably catch his last pass for the Falcons.  No, it doesn’t seem right but football rarely has proper endings.

Right now, this trade should not impact the Chiefs legacy of Tony Gonzalez.  However, after all this talk from him about only playing for one or two more years, if he shows up in Atlanta with a fresh five year deal and spends all of those years with the Falcons.  Then for me I would think less of him, because if he really wanted to solidify his legend in Kansas City he would have publicly said “I am not going anywhere.  I want to help turn this franchise around.”  Speaking of which…

The Associated Press is reporting Gonzalez will have a new contract with the Falcons.

A person with knowledge of the negotiations said the Falcons have reached agreement with Gonzalez on a new contract.  The person requested anonymity because the agreement has not been announced.

It’s possible that the Falcons wanted to get a new deal done for salary cap purposes.  If that’s the case then I have no issue with it.  But after it’s announced, I better not hear more stuff from TG about playing three or four more years in Atlanta.  This is a business and I get that.  No one is going to say “I want to lose and not get a new contract while I’m at it!” but can we get some honestly please?dimitroff2

Lets not forget about the Atlanta side of this deal and Mark Bradley at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is excited the Falcons finally have a man with a plan.

In the way the best quarterbacks see the whole field, Thomas Dimitroff, who’s the son of a quarterback, grasps the big picture.

Just like the Chiefs got what they needed from the Patriots for a second round pick, the Falcons did the same thing.  So while as fans we can argue over what Kansas City got from Atlanta, but I think we can all agree this is a great move for Dimitroff and the Falcons.  Instead of using their first round pick on an unproved commodity like Brandon Pettigrew, they now have the best tight end in football helping their young quarterback develop.

After digesting all of the fan reaction to the trade, Chris at Arrowhead Pride thinks the much discussed compensation was appropriate.

The 2010 second round pick the Chiefs got from the Falcons for Gonzalez was completely fair.  There’s wiggle room for debate about the Falcons to throwing in say a 5th round pick but that’s about it.  No way is Gonzalez worth a first rounder.  Even the addition of a 5th round pick is a bit unnecessary.

We all get so emotionally involved that a player that has been around and been as good as TG was tends make people feel like they need to get value for the time spent as opposed to the time they will spend with their new team.  Gonzalez had a first round career five times over, but for what he will give the Falcons a second round pick is just about right.  Where I differ from Chris is I think a late round pick in this weekend’s draft should have been included, but at the same time a 5th round pick should never be a deal breaker.

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