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Last week the Kansas City Chiefs and state of Missouri finally came to terms on a deal that will move their training camp back to the state for 10 years.  Shortly after the announcement was made, MWSU accepted a bid from Crossland Construction to build the site.  And now union leaders are concerned that Crossland will use out-of-town tradesmen over local workers.WMSU1

Officials representing nearly 1,200 skilled union workers met in St. Joseph Tuesday for their monthly meeting, where the discussion centered around disappointment over a local company not winning the bid.  Missouri Western State University officials say they would have liked to use local labor, but they were bound by state statute to use the lowest bidder.  State tax credits will pay for construction.

Greg Logan, president of the St. Joseph Building and Construction Trades, said unions supported the practice facility from the start as a needed stimulus for local, skilled workers hurting in the economic downturn.

“We went to City Council meetings.  We went to the county.  We talked to all the politicians.  And then all of a sudden, it’s kind of like, ‘We got what we wanted, now go away.'”

In making its bid, Crossland indicated that it will hire six local subcontractors to work on the facility.

Dan Nicoson, Western’s vice president for university advancement, said Crossland is required to comply with state prevailing wage law that sets pay at an even rate among workers — one concern local unions had about an out-of-state pick.  He said state law required Western not to give preference to local bidders.

“We would much prefer to work with local vendors and contractors whenever we can, but we absolutely had no latitude in terms of following state law on bidding.”

I support the local unions 100%, but Nicoson has a point.  Obviously you want to use local workers whenever you can, but the school needs to select the best company for the project, no matter who ends up working for that company.  If you start getting into selecting bids simply by where they are located then there would be no reason for a bidding process and the project would certainly cost more than it should.

Oddsmakers in Las Vegas have been taking bets for next years Super Bowl from the moment the Steelers raised this Lombardi Trophy.  And the odds of several teams have moved dramatically since then, with the Kansas City Chiefs at Vegas2the top of that list.

The Chicago Bears opened at 28/1 but are now sitting at 15/1 (Thanks, Jay Cutler) and the Vikings odds have improved from 22/1 to 12/1 since all of the Brett Favre drama started.

The biggest jump since the Super Bowl?  The Kansas City Chiefs.  Before the trade for Matt Cassel, the Chiefs were a whopping 100/1 long-shots to win the Super Bowl.  Since the trade those odds have jumped to 40/1.

Last week I spent my birthday at the local casino (I’m not a degenerate, I swear) and while I usually don’t pay much attention to NFL odds this far removed from the season my eyes caught that 40/1.  Even with Cassel I think the odds for the Chiefs should be closer to 100 than 40, but it’s good to see Vegas show a little bit of respect for Kansas City.

We told you a week ago that the Chiefs and seventh-round pick Ryan Succop have agreed to terms on a three year contract.  Yesterday the team finally made the news official.

Succop is currently taking part in the festivities of “Irrelevant Week” in Newport Beach California.  The Hickory, North Carolina native was a three-time conference special teams player of the year and will compete with incumbent kicker Connor Barth in training camp.

Now that Brown and Succop are done, it will be interesting if the other 6 players from the 2009 draft class will follow suit.  While all eyes will be on No. 3 pick Tyson Jackson, it’s just as important to get third round pick Alex Magee and fourth round pick Donald Washington into camp on time.

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