Around The Web: Voluntary Workout Wrap Up… Fresh Starts, Horse Racing?, Thigpen Ready To Fight, Cassel’s Number

A lot going on in Kansas City today with most of the talk surrounding the first voluntary off season workout.  Adam Teicher at the KC Star reviewed the day and got the quote of the day from Jarrad Page:

page4“Things are going to be a little tighter now.  Guys won’t be able to get away with things like they did before. The coaches are going to make sure they clamp down now to make sure we get into that mind-set and everybody stays together and nobody feels like they’re above everybody else.”

Page did go on to say the old way was not necessarily the wrong way, but that he prefers how things are being run now.

Also, for those wondering (I was!) Larry Johnson was spotted in the facility, but as I mentioned yesterday Haley would not give a roll call of who attended.

It’s great reading about all of the stories on this new era, but nothing got me more excited than Page’s comment.  Herm supporters had been trying to claim being a “player’s coach” was one of his best assets.  But all that means is certain players work under a completely different set of rules than the rest of the team.  It will be refreshing to know everyone will be held to the same standards no matter what their “status”.

There is no more excitable Chiefs fan than Barry over at Home of the Chiefs and he puts that on full display with his review of yesterday’s workout.  He believes with Todd Haley having now officially taken the reigns from Herman Edwards that things at Arrowhead have gone from stale to fresh.

Unbridled enthusiasm can wear thin in the middle of a 2-14 season, but during times like these it’s fun to read.  I am very cautious going into this season, no matter what happens with the draft, because it’s not realistic to expect too much too quickly.  But I have no issue with anyone else wanting to jump on the “Win Now” bandwagon.

Meanwhile, Bob Gretz this morning is comparing what Todd Haley and Scott Pioli will do over the next 12 weeks tohaleypioli1 horse racing junkies like Pioli’s father-in-law Bill Parcells.  He also points out this time will be used to find out which returning players can adapt and which ones will have to be left behind.

Bob does such a great job everyday, so if you aren’t reading his stuff you should.  We don’t always agree, but I think he is right on talking about how these next 12 weeks will be vital for the returning players that Haley and Pioli have no history with.  Pioli knows what he will get from a Mike Vrabel and to a lesser extent a Matt Cassel, but they have zero first hand knowledge of people like Jarrad Page.

The Sun News in Myrtle Beach catches up with Tyler Thigpen as he starts to fight for the starting quarterback job with the Chiefs.  And according to Thigpen, Todd Haley called him last week to let him know this will be a legitimate open competition:

thigpen1“He had the same situation in Arizona with Kurt Warner and Matt Leinart.  Everybody wanted Matt to start, but Kurt gave them the best chance to win.  I’m looking forward to the opportunity.  I’m going to do what I can and take advantage of it.”

I keep going back and forth with how I want the team to handle the quarterback situation.  Obviously they gave up a second round pick for Matt Cassel and will most likely be commiting a lot of money to him.  But at the same time Thigpen was the only exciting part of Chiefs football last season and showed a lot of promise.  No one wants to drag out a quarterback competition because you want everyone on the first team to gel together under what will be a new system, even with Chan Gailey staying on as the offensive coordinator.

Speaking of Cassel, for everyone that has been waiting to know what number he will wear…


Rarely do I care about what number a guy wears but I’m a craps player, so I never like seeing the number 7.  But I know most people see it as lucky.  If this picture is to be used as confirmation, then go get your jersey now!

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