Around The Web: Waters All Business, Washington Still At OSU, Jenkins In NOLA

When Chiefs guard Brian Waters met with the media following his first practice of the offseason, he was all business.  As our friends at Arrowhead Pride point out, Waters is operating as his own agent and had to deal with things differently than most players.

The NFL is a business and for Waters that reminder is front and center.  Acting as his own agent, Waters created this “saga” as he calls it and now he’s goign to have to get himself out of it.

By all indications his feelings have been hurt, which is understandable.  That happens in all walks of business.  But when personal feelings invade your business dealings, it’s doesn’t usually produce a good result.

The “right way” to take care of the incident that occurred with Todd Haley and Scott Pioli back in February would have been to speak with his agent, who would have A) approached the team about it in the appropriate setting (i.e. not days before the onset of free agency) or B) leaked the information to the press in a way that wouldn’t have harmed his reputation (like it already has).

But Waters is his own agent.  He can’t help but bring his personal feelings to the table when he speaks with Chiefs management.  And for the Kansas City front office, how can they distinguish between Brian Waters the player and Brian Waters the agent?  They can’t and that’s the problem.

At this point, the damage has been done with Waters.  He’s prideful and can’t walk into Scott Pioli’s office and resolve the “business aspect” of this issue.  It’s personal for him and business for the front office meaning we’re not going to see an easy resolution to the matter.

This is one of the best write ups dealing with the Waters situation that I have read.  The only place I would differ is I think Waters can just walk into Pioli’s office and resolve this issue.  No matter what side you are — management or employee — you have to pick your battles.  It’s something we all have to deal with at work every single day.  And now that Brian Waters has tried — and failed — to force his way out of Kansas City it’s time for him to sit down with Scott Pioli and Todd Haley and finally put this situation to bed.  Even though I am on record saying he should stay in Kansas City for the remaining voluntary OTAs, Haley and Pioli can let him “win” that fight by all but giving him permission to stay away from the team without impacting his standing as starting right guard for the Kansas City Chiefs.

With Brian Waters and Mike Vrabel in town for the mandatory mini-camp the Chiefs were only missing 4th round pick Donald Washington, who is unable to join the team until after the June 14th graduation ceremonies at Ohio State.

NCAA rules prohibit underclassmen — Washington was a junior in 2008 — from joining NFL teams before their school’s commencement and OSU’s is later than many schools.

Todd Haley said yesterday that the coaches have been talking often with Washington about preparation, workouts and things he can do to reduce his learning curve.  But that the rule is forcing Washington to work at a disadvantage in relation to the other rookies that are adjusting to the NFL speed and intensity.

“It’s always been a bit of a juggling issue.  I’ve been on plenty of teams that have had those guys.  I’ve been the coach who has had to stay behind on vacation to work with a guy that has come in late…Is it a hurdle?  Yeah, it’s a hurdle for sure.”

Meanwhile, one of Washington’s teammates at OSU this past season, Malcolm Jenkins, will be on the field today with the New Orleans Saints for their mini-camp.  Jenkins is said to have finished his final exams early at Ohio State this week.

I’m still a bit confused about Washington’s situation.  Does the graduation rule only apply to underclassmen?  Jenkins is a senior, was able to finish his exams early and is now allowed to fully participate in OTAs even though Ohio State University has yet to hold their graduation.  I haven’t found any language that stipulates the rule can only be applied to underclassmen…  If you have a link that says otherwise, send it along.  I think the rule is good in theory, but if a player is going to leave school, he’s going to leave school.  Most prospects will leave campus after football season to dedicate all of their attention to preparing for the draft anyways.

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