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The Kansas City Chiefs are now one of only seven teams in the NFL without a victory this season.  But no matter what happens the rest of the season for Kansas City, Bob Gretz explains the Chiefs will not improve until they have better draft classes.

If you’ve been under the delusion that the problems the Chiefs have had in the last two seasons was due to something other than a serious lack of talent, then get a tape of this game and watch closely.  You will see a team in white with talented starters off the field, replaced by talented if unproven youngsters.  And you will see a team in red that can’t match the Eagles on offense, defense or special teams.

The way that will change is through the NFL Draft.  Scott Pioli and his personnel operation have but one draft under their belt, so the sample size is not enough to make firm judgments.  But they should still be getting more out of their ‘09 draft class than the Eagles are getting out of theirs.

But that’s hardly the case.  Pioli’s No. 1 pick LDE Tyson Jackson started and the post-game stats credited him with nothing: not a tackle, not an assisted tackle, not a QB hurry, or pressure.  It’s like he didn’t play.  But he did; he played a lot.  Third-round pick Alex Magee was not on the field as often as he’s been in the past, when he usually comes in with the nickel defense.  Fourth-rounder Donald Washington got some playing time as the nickel back and his contribution was a 15-yard facemask penalty that wiped out the only sack the Chiefs had all day.  Fifth-rounder Colin Brown is on injured reserve, sixth-rounder WR Quinten Lawrence was inactive and of the trio of seventh rounders, only K Ryan Succop was on the field.

Now we wouldn’t expect all those draft choices to be tearing up the league after just three games.  Hopefully maybe one of them breaks through early and creates an impression.  That hasn’t happened.

Anytime you have a draft with your two top picks on the defensive line, it will be a while before you get any sort of return.  With that being said, where was Lawrence?  I’m sure Haley will talk about needing to get a look at different players, but for the same reasons Jamaal Charles has to be on the field they need to find room for their speedy rookie receiver.

You may have heard that Michael Vick made his return to the NFL yesterday.  His role, however, was not nearly as prolific as some thought it would be.

Vick was on the field for 11 snaps, spending 10 of them as the quarterback, all but one of those in the shotgun formation.  A couple of them were ‘Catty’ — a first-and-goal alignment had Vick in the shotgun with backs LeSean McCoy and Leonard Weaver shoulder-to-shoulder to his left — but by and large the standard Wildcat gimmicks were limited to a few direct-snap runs by McCoy.

“We just wanted to go out there and get some looks and see how (the Chiefs) were going to play and not tip our hand to what we really want to do with this Wildcat thing,” Vick said. “ We’ve got a lot of variations and it’s going to be exciting and I just want to contribute.”

While the Eagles rolled up 420 yards on 63 offensive plays (6.7 yards per snap), Vick’s contribution was far more modest.  During the 11 plays that involved Vick, the Birds gained 30 yards (2.7 yards per snap).  Although he lined up at quarterback for all but one play, Vick attempted just two passes.  One came on that odd red-zone backfield, the other as three Chiefs came in virtually untouched as he tried to buy enough time to get a pass downfield to Jason Avant that came in low and behind the receiver.

Can you imagine there were people out there that actually thought Vick would have an impact on the game?  Oh right, that’s was me.  Oops.

To be fair to my terrible week (other than the prediction about who would win the game), there was no need for Vick to be on the field any more than he was.  If Kolb struggled we certainly would have seen more of Vick, but he and DeSean Jackson didn’t need much help in whipping Kansas City all over the field.

Things don’t get any easier for the Chiefs with the New York Giants coming to town next Sunday.  After being unhappy with their effort in the first two weeks of the season, they bounced back with a vengeance.

They didn’t just win this football game.  They owned it.

Tom Coughlin betrayed how annoyed he had been when he climbed to the podium after the 24-0 beatdown and spoke of two objectives the Giants had brought to Florida.

He described the results as “a true kind of Giant physical day … which we needed to have.”

From the game’s first handoff to Brandon Jacobs, there was an edge to the Giants, a sign of terms being dictated.

As it turned out, the Giants could not have hand-picked a better opponent to help them get back on track.  Jersey guy Raheem Morris has a massive rebuilding job in front of him.  He wants to model his team after the Giants.  Presumably, he didn’t mean Allie Sherman’s 1966 squad.

“We were beat by a grown-man team today, a team we want to be like one day,” Morris said.  “They … out-manned us, out-gunned us.  It wasn’t even close.”

While watching the Chiefs-Eagles train wreck I kept glancing over to the Giants-Bucs matchup knowing New York was coming into Arrowhead Stadium next.  And it was a much bigger beatdown than the 24-0 score would lead you to believe.  Yes, it was that bad.

Something tells me you can take any of Morris’ post game comments and attribute them to Todd Haley after the Giants get through with the Chiefs.

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