Arrowhead Needs Fans, Not ESPN

As the Chiefs and their fans bask in the news that the New Arrowhead will debut on Monday Night Football, Bob Gretz reminds us what has always given Kansas City a special home field advantage.

Lobbying by the Hunt Family convinced the league powers to give the nation a look at the first regular season game in the revamped Arrowhead Stadium.  On Monday evening, September 14, the San Diego Chargers will be in town for Game No. 1.

That’s all well and good.  Considering the amount of money the Hunts have spent themselves on the renovation of Arrowhead, they have every reason to want to show off the building.  Of course one must also take into consideration that the reason Arrowhead became one of the NFL’s most famous stadiums wasn’t the cement and steel, the concourses and the club level.

Arrowhead became an iconic stadium thanks to the crowds that filled the seats in the 1990s and the enthusiasm they brought to watching Chiefs football.  Of course that bloom is long off the rose as the team has struggled for the last three years to sellout their home games, just as the team struggled on the field to win games.

The visit by the Chargers on that Monday night will certainly give the Chiefs something to sell to potential ticket buyers.  For fans that want to be part of that evening on a single ticket basis, expect to be forced to buy a ticket to the December 19th game against Tennessee as well, or maybe the October 31st Halloween home game against Chan Gailey and his Buffalo Bills.

This is where the business side of the game will eventually tarnish a portion of being awarded one of the first MNF games of the season.  Every fan should be given the opportunity to buy tickets just for that first game to make sure the New Arrowhead is as crazy as we remember it from years ago.

Requiring the purchase of multiple games immediately shuts out a huge portion of the fan base that helped to give Arrowhead it’s reputation.  It will also push the prices of the the tickets on the secondary market through the roof with ticket brokers having the ability to snatch up tickets via the multi-game plans and using their profits on the Monday night game to negate whatever they spent on Buffalo or Tennessee.

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