Arrowhead Parking Prices Will Increase In 2011

Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt joined NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on a conference call with season ticket holders on Thursday.  The two took questions ranging from draft strategy to CBA negotiations. 

Another popular topic was the gameday experience, including the price of parking, which Hunt unfortunately said would be going up again.

“We have tried to be very sensitive to our fans.  We have gone through a very difficult time economically.  We know a lot of people are struggling financially and it is something that we have paid attention to both in the stadium with the ticket prices as well as in the parking lots,” Hunt said, sounding as if he might have some good news, before disappointing.

“There will be a bump in parking prices this year.  It is largely driven by a surcharge from Jackson County that is adding to our parking prices which is something that is required in our leases when they were negotiated in 2006.  Other than that, we have tried to avoid raising parking prices just because of the point you make.  I appreciate your feedback.  Our executive team will discuss and take it into consideration.”

Or in other words, the prices are going to keep going up, but thanks for the question!

If the Chiefs — and every other team in the league — are going to insist on charging season ticket holders full price for those games, the least they could do is find a way to bring parking prices down from “outrageous” to “mildly outrageous”.

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