Belcher Estate To Be Managed By A Third Party

As the families of Jovan Belcher and Kasandra Perkins battled over the custody of orphaned Zoey Belcher, there was also potentially millions of dollars at stake.

Following an announcement by Jackson County Probate Commissioner, it appears the focus will instead stay squarely where it remains: on Zoey. Both sides have dropped their petitions to serve as conservator of Jovan Belcher’s estate, agreeing to have a third party handle the finances.

Zoey Belcher is set to receive over $100,000 annually each of the next four years, then nearly $50,000 every year until the 9-month old turns 18, or 23 if she attends college

The three-day custody hearing kicked off on Tuesday with Belcher’s mother Cheryl Shepherd and Carrie Contey, a human development specialist, taking the stand.

Once this case is finally settled this week, Zoey can get the stability she deserves without the money coming her way being a detriment to her care.

The folks at The Star have a great rundown of the first day of testimony.

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